Oh…So, You’re Not A Scientist ?!

So…Mr. Politiciapol4n, you come into my living room via my TV set begging for my vote, telling me how horrible all those other guys are, and yet when asked a simple question about global warming, you do your good old political shuffle and say, “well, I’m not a scientist but…!” You’re not a scientist but??…Hey genius, the taxpayers of the USA are paying you a salary of $174,000 per year to come up with a better answer than that!

Really…what you’re telling me is that you’re a lazy assed politician who can’t generate the ambition to look at the evidence, but you want me to vote for you anyway because you’re a better bet than the other guy and besides, it’s my patriotic duty! Mr. Politician, any way you look at it, you’ve just told me you’re not man enough to earn my vote but you are  man enough to bad mouth the guy who has done his homework and is screaming his guts out that we’re burning up the planet and you don’t care! Or, maybe you do care but your big money backers want you to look the other way and maintain the status quo so that’s your chosen path!

I know I’m ranting, but in all the years and all the elections (mid term and otherwise) I’ve been a witness to, according to everything I’ve heard and read, voters on both sides of these midterms have completely tuned the political parties out and in all likelihood, will probably vote for the person they think will damage them the least! To hell with making progress on anything! The best liar left standing is going to win this one! Topping everything off is the non stop torrent of negative advertising coming from the big dollar backers of some of the candidates. I don’t know where they recruit the ladies with those whispery, sinister sounding voices. I just know that if one of them was talking about me, even if I hadn’t done anything, I’d find the nearest Sheriff’s office and turn myself in! If nothing else sickens you on politics, these TV ads should do the job!

Now we come to the topic of partisan politics and the Ebola crisis.pol3

In the early eighties, another socially transmitted disease landed on our shores from South Africa. We called it AIDS. Like Ebola, it was the scourge of our land but unlike Ebola it was known to be spread throughout the gay community by sexual contact. Although it got talked about in the medical community to a great degree and everyone in the medical community was frantically searching for a cure, AIDS didn’t get much of a look from then President Reagan or the political powers because it was thought of as a “gay” disease and unworthy of much political attention. As a matter of fact, until he was pressured to do otherwise, many observers felt that Reagan was much more interested in lecturing the gay community on their lifestyle rather than finding a cure for this medical nightmare.

Somehow we didn’t hear a lot of congressional politicians screaming about that one.

On 8/2/14 congress declared itself on “recess” and hit the exits to begin their reelection campaigns. About the only guy left standing in Washington DC was Barack Obama and he had his hands full trying to come up with an acceptable plan to stop or delay the onslaught of ISIS. (Or ISIL if you prefer.) Other than coming back for about five minutes to sign the “Defense Authorization Act” which allowed the President to perform air strikes in Syria, congress has been gone ever since. Then, even though the President had been sounding the alarm about how we needed to take this Ebola thing seriously, nothing happened until we had a problem in Dallas, TX.

No sooner did we have an Ebola death and some quarantines than an investigation was called for, and congress came roaring back to don their Armani suits and snappy ties for their chance at a little face time on national TV. This way, they could scowl down at the doctors who were the only ones working day and night trying to get a handle on this crisis and properly blame them, the CDC, and President Obama for the way they mishandled the whole thing!

Do you think that when Judy Collins sang “Send in the Clowns,” she had the United States Congress in mind?

Send me your comments and critiques. I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Have a great week everybody!