Was it a Field of Dreams..or just my imagination??

imagesQWD90XJ4Well…now we know. The mighty Broncs will be hosting the big one. New England is coming to town next Sunday to battle it out for the right to go to the Super Bowl, probably against Carolina if my guess is correct. Even If my guess isn’t correct, I don’t believe it matters much because the way we dropped passes and the lethargic way our offense played most of the time on our last outing,  I’m really not sure we could have taken Wheat Ridge High School in a fair fight!

In reference to my “Field of Dreams” movie scenario, although our quarterback hero did what was asked of him, the magic I had imagined for us  got blown out of the water in the first few minutes and I really believe that good luck rather than good planning is what allowed us to be able to call it a “movie” rather than a “nightmare comedy of errors.” In the final analysis, we now know a couple of things One: our defense saved the day and won us the game. Two: my prognostication skills still need a little work!

So much for dreaming and movie imagining scenarios. Obviously, there’s a reason I’m meant to be a guitarist/writer rather than a writer/guitarist and if yesterday wasn’t proof enough, next weekend might be. There was one point in yesterday’s debacle where the cameras panned over the upstairs booths where Archie Manning was seated and even poor old Archie was up out of his chair and looking away as though he couldn’t bear to see his son being led to the slaughter any longer!

So much for my “Field of Dreams,” dreams. It’s back to the drawing board and back to attempting to figure out a way to feel positive about the Broncos and their upcomingimagesM90N2ZX6 game with the Patriots. So help me, as devious as they seem to be and possibly “crooks with the books” as they might well be, I can’t help but think (please forgive me) that this weekend, we might not be playing the next Super Bowl champs or at least a contender! Don’t tell me about bending rules or doctored footballs or any of the other shady stuff they’ve long been accused of, New England Patriots are a dangerous football team!

What is it with Denver and professional sports? When I moved here in the early seventies, they used to have something called Bronco buses which picked you up on Sunday morning and took you from the bar (or restaurant) of your choice to the game. That also meant that because you didn’t have to drive, you could get properly lubricated to cheer for your heroes. After the game was over (which we usually lost 52 – 0), the bus would bring you back to the bar where more lubrication might be applied then, they’d pour you into your car and send you home! Everybody was happy except law enforcement. If, by some chance you had been “overserved” and the cops stopped you to give you a DUI,  the fine was usually somewhere between $50 and $100 and you got to go home to sleep it off.

That was a couple of Super Bowls ago. Today, on Sundays, we still wear orange, hang Bronco paraphernalia on our front porch (if we have one) but most of the “Bronco” buses are gone, the little bars and restaurants are gone, the smell of fine whiskey has been replaced by the smell of marijuana (legal of course) and a DUI will cost you somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 plus possibly your job, your future, and happy home if you had one! Most of the folks who worked in those little bars are now doing time in 7-Elevens and most of the musicians who played the tunes in them are teaching grade school and counting the days to retirement! THAT’S PROGRESS FOLKS!

Please don’t mind the meanderings of an old man. Denver is still a classy football town and the Broncos are a very classy football team. A demonstration of that class was shown at the end of last weeks game when our quarterback (Peyton) gave the game ball to his prime receiver (Demaryius) and told him to give it to his Mom who had just recently been released from prison on drug peddling charges.

And there you have it. Don’t put us on a pedestal if we win, and don’t cry for us if we lose. Either way, there’s still no other place I’d rather live and I’ll bet  you wouldn’t want your kids to grow up anywhere else either!

Go Broncos!

Have a great week everybody,


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