barackquestions1As most of you already know (or suspect), I’ve been a big fan of our President for a long, long time. Never in my adult life have I seen someone bear up under the spiteful slights and smears of their opposition and enter into this very difficult office with his political foes totally dedicated to the proposition of defeating his every move and making his, a “one term only” presidency! Indeed, to endure the hidden slurs and nastiness of those you’re supposed to be forming alliances with, even those who condescend to work with you this one time only……the road has to have been long and treacherous with very, very few who might spend a minute talking with you to share your opinions or hear your gripes.

Through it all, all those tormenting times where he must have come within a hair of doubting his own values or even his own worth, the fact that he has managed to pass laws through the Supreme Court which will redefineobama-one-term-president the social direction of this great nation for future generations is truly earth shattering! The Affordable Care Act, one of the most vilified pieces of legislation in recent history passed through the court in a 6 to 3 decision. Likewise, the Same Sex marriage bill passed 5 to 4! Surprisingly, the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama has withstood the onslaught of conservatives everywhere and come through it all with flying colors. These are not lightweight victories but decisions that will define not only in his first term, but his second term as well!

In all of our lives, there are mileposts we look back upon that we instinctively know are game changers. I can still remember the night Cassius Clay, (he was still Cassius Clay then) stepped into the ring for his first fight with Sonny Liston. We had all heard about Clay but everybody knew that Liston was the baddest cat in town and that’s where we put our money! By the end of the first round, we all knew our money was gone and there was a new top dog in the house!

We can all look back at the Denver Broncos as one of the worlds great “also ran” football teams, but in 1997 we got to change out tune! When you got up out of bed that day, somehow, you felt that this day just might be different from all those other embarrassing moments because you had those strange chills running up and down your back and by sundown you knew you were right!

We had us a World Champion!

That’s what this week felt like. Watching this man in action, you had to stop and say to yourself that you’re watching something special. I wont say he’s a crap shooter …just someone totally dedicated to doing his job despite the obstacles thrown in his path! I still distinctly remember the night he appeared before the TV cameras and told the world that a team of Seals under his supervision had just killed Osama Bin Laden. You knew that was a big decision and a big victory but you didn’t really know how big until you saw film clips of that little room with Obama and all his closest advisers glued to the TV monitors looking scared to death and you knew that they knew all their chips were in and they were rolling the dice for the whole house!

This past week, once again, we got to watch a man we call Mr. President persevere and perform at the top of his game despite the obstacles. I won’t spend a lot of time dwelling on Dylann Wolf’s journey into racial hate, death and madness but instead write a few words about the reaction of this man and the people of South Carolina who were ready to forgive despite their personal losses!

The eulogy he gave for Rev. Pinckney was inspiring. It was kind of like watching Hank Aaron, Elvis, and Mohammed Ali all rolled into one when they were at the very top of their game! When he paused and then broke into Amazing Grace, the whole audience erupted and began singing as one! They blew the doors off that arena, and I’m not ashamed to say I sat there and cried like a baby because it was like the Super Bowl, the last game of the World Series, and one of the most truly inspiring moments I’ll ever get to see in my lifetime! If you haven’t seen it, you should! It was a moment no one should ever forget.

Have a great week everybody.

Rod Taylor                        


The Two Faces of Ted…

defundThis week in our very own USA hometown (wherever that may be), our TV sets treated us to one of the greatest pieces of political chutzpah ever witnessed by man or beast!

Republican dream child and Presidential contender, Ted Cruz, decided to get a jump on the field and be the first to declare his candidacy for “the big chair…President of the USA!  Although the picture above may vary  slightly from the play by play facts of what took place during that few hour span, the actual story is no less breath taking and awe inspiring.

I really can’t pin down, the actual hour count from the moment CrTEDOKhuz stood on stage at Liberty University making his declaration to run for President and pledging to defund every word of the ACA until he sat in front of another camera hours later on a different network accepting ACA for he and his family as though it was the most acceptable, commonplace thing anyone could ever do! To those who were paying any attention at all, that 180 degree reversal was jaw dropping to say the least, but such is the state of political discourse in the USA in 2015! It almost sounds like a script out of some kind of Clint Eastwood spaghetti western movie except I don’t believe even Eastwood would have tried to pull this one off!

As a Canadian, I’m embarrassed to admit that Canada spawned this guy. As a taxpayer, it makes me crazy to think there’s even a remote possibility that there are voters out there crazy enough to vote for him! Still, when you go back a few years and look at the voting record for our country, you begin to believe that even this might not be totally impossible!

OBcareOne of the more common threads you see following these politicians around as they dance across our TV screens extolling their own virtues and claiming to the world what a wonderful place it will be when so and so is voted out and they are voted in, is that no personal sacrifice ever seems to be required on their part to make whatever it is they’re trying to make happen at your expense, happen!

As in the case of the well insured Mr. Cruz, it’s true that when he signed up for ACA and his wife gave up her blue chip Goldman Sachs family health plan in order to be more active in Teddy’s presidential run, they were the only ones affected. Meanwhile, millions of Cruz’s Texas constituents are on total ignore with no coverage at all  because Teddy is lifting not one finger to make an affordable care plan available to them and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon!

Watching Teddy giving his presidential announcement speech at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University the other day, I was impressed by the way he used the stage. He used it for pacing and timing and pause and effect and did it to perfection to sell whatever he was selling until finally there was only one word I could think of that properly described him.


The only other man I can recall who could seriously carry that title is the man who originally paced that same stage and used every square inch of it to push the product he was selling! The original Shucker himself, Jerry Falwell.

Years ago I used to have to get up early Sunday mornings in order to play a Sunday brunch at a local hotel. I’m really horrible at waking up early, so I’d load up on black coffee and Sunday morning TV programs. My favorite program that was guaranteed to get my heart started was Jerry Falwell selling some tape recorded thing that was supposedly full of sordid crime and sex stories called “The Clinton Chronicles!”

For $19.95 + postage (or something like that) you could get yourself a scandal filled tape of everything that was horrible and dastardly about Bill and Hillary Clinton. Falwell would pace back and forth on that stage, wave his arms, and describe every horrible thing wrong with these people! He was the teacher, a master shucker at work and years later, when his student was on that same stage, pitching his presidential run and simultaneously the repeal of ACA (Obamacare), he proved to the world he had learned his lessons well! Jerry hated the Clintons! Teddy hates Obamacare! They both looked like SHUCKER’s to me!

Send me your comments and critiques. I’ll read them all and use them if I can.

Have a great week everybody.