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Our web site is a blog page dedicated to the Seniors I play for, the lifestyle they live, and the places they get to live it! In the future we will add a professional services referral page so that anything Seniors might need, from a handyman to a housekeeper can be as close as your fingertips. Last, I’ll be taking plenty of photos of the places and people I visit so everyone can enjoy! Stop by and give us a look, I think you’ll enjoy it! Who knows, we might be writing about you! Contact Rod: 303-839-9363 or email


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Rod, This website is outstanding. Your writings always touch a nerve and your right on common sense observations seem to confirm that you and I may be the only two sane people left on the planet. Well, if there are others, they are most likely in the VA Hospitals or living on the streets. Are there solutions for most of these issues? Most likely simple solutions but as you said our “cardboard christian congress” and those “here’s the money lobbyists who own them” will probably make decisions which line their own pockets and who gives a sh## about the taxpayer and the downtrodden?
    And as for a president who was overwhelmingly elected on promise of change, they simply blame him for their own inability to cooperate and find solutions. After all, there will be another election in 2016 and maybe the new president will play by their rules. I can remember when the President was reverred as the Commander in Chief. Of course not everyone agreed with or supported the president’s political views and goals. But the office of president was respected and honored. To find other elected officials who refuse to shake the holder of that office’s hand or even try to sue the president personally for being unable to accomplish the goals which the people affirmed by electing that president is proof enough that the simpletons in office did not learn much in kindergarten. Play together, share, take turns, do not talk over someone else, use manners, it is not always about you. These imbicles cannot create a working budget on time, much less a balanced one. They only know how to make rules to guarantee their own health care, retirement and lifestyle fantasies. And of course to pay for these fantasies, they find ways to get Joe Taxpayer to foot the bill. As they freeze or cut benefits to the retired, infirm and working poor they give themselves bonuses and raises for having to work so hard to make those cuts.
    The USA is still the best country in the world with the most potential and the best format for bringing that potential to fruition. In spite of, not because of, our elected leaders we are still on top. The bottom is catching up and in some areas we have already been outperformed by small nations with healthy priorities. How many generations of these corrupt polititians must die off before the voters stand up and do what is right and best for the nation, for themselves and for the generations to come?
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Evidently the guy in the Gilleys hat had heard about you singing “Mama Tried” and “Today I Started Loving You Again” That in my opinion is one of the best stories you ever told me, and those are two of my favorite songs. Did the guy really pay you in cash? It’s also good to hear that Lieutenant Dan has made Captain since 1994! Good to hear from you give me call if you can – 214-529-5186. Kirk Pruitt

  3. Apparently I was having a “senior” moment – the second tune the gentleman requested was “He Stopped Loving Her Today”

  4. Giday rod,

    That is a great plan to control the geese.if the homeless can not handle the job there could be another option. History tells us of a young canadian plucker from Bobcaygeon ontario that could control fowl by hypnotism.if he could get these geese into a flock and do his magic these geese could be given the address for the Kentucky fried chicken factory.these birds would go in as geese and when they were introduced to colonel sanders secret recipe they would become kfg, Kentucky fried geese. This could solve denver’s goose problem and give the chickens a break. If a kfc customer did not enjoy the kfg colonel sanders would say sorry.rod please have someone video this project because other urban areas will be needing the goose hypnotism procedure.i recommend you call colonel sanders in advance to leave a door open for delivery.


    • Vern, how the hell are you? It’s been far too long since we’ve talked and now I have to go play some old tunes for some old folks! Too bad you’re not here….you’d fit right in!!
      I’ll write more later!
      Good to hear from you!

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