What’s that old saying about getting into a mud wrasslin’ contest with a pig?…..You just get all tired, smelly and dirty and the pig really likes it!?

Nothing I’ve seen in politics in a good many years could possibly remind me more of a pig mud wrasslin’ contest than the current round of rude speeches, debates, insults, bragging, backbiting, backstabbing and just generally going backwards than what we’re witnessing with the current crop of political contenders making their bid for ascension to the Oval Office in 2016! Nothing that is, except for the story twisting and teeth nashing going on inside the studios of every “major” news network in the USA all trying to twist and wring every conceivable drop of sweat and angst out of every lie, rumor and innuendo emanating from the headquarters of each and every candidate you can find!

Approximately 8 or 10 years ago (give or take a couple), Mr. Trump came up with some of the first birther” theories about the actual birthplace of the man who was to be our current President and we named it Birthirism. Speeches were made, theories were invented, books were written and birthirism spawned some of the wildest theories to hit big time politics in generations! The rest, as they say, is history but even that pales in comparison to what is happening today.

Who’s to bless and who’s to blame? Who really cares? What folks are being treated to today are some of of the wildest, most outrageous claims conceivable, being made by some of the most unreliable sources imaginable, being sold as fact by some of the dumbest TV news “reporters” available, and going into the books as beingtrump7 totally believable!

PT Barnum would be proud!

If there’s anything these contestants seem to have in common, it’s the idea that they’re all expert at something and in this case it’s fence building. Not only is Trump ready to build a fence big enough to keep the Mexicans out, if he wins, he wants to build it big enough to keep those who voted for him in!

Walker thinks that the fence he wants to build would be across the US/CANADA border to keep the Canadians from invading, and in conversations I’ve had with my Canadian friends they also want to build a fence to keep those pesky Yankees out! Especially the politicians!  The guys who make fencing all agree that it looks like a pretty good year no matter who wins!

Over on the other side of the fence (no pun intended), Hillary Clinton is sliding straight into her role of “tar baby” du jour. Willingly accepting all the barbs, lies, insults, and character slams the media and the other side can muster. Going through her days calmly making speeches and answering the endless questions about the computer server she decided Hserver2to own rather than using some crappy server the government could provide.

It takes you back to the days of the Rose Law Firm when she and her husband were first on the national stage being endlessly investigated by the media and political enemies over a land deal called “Whitewater.” Then there was the episode of the Rose Law Firm billing records and the Vince Foster incident, That was followed by poor old Webster Hubble and her endless battle with a guy named Ken Starr.

Hillary seems to have a monumental capacity for abuse and political crap because not long after that she took on the role of assisting her husband in trying to design a national health care system which would work at all income levels. That only subjected her to a daily barrage of ridicule and abuse from a guy who could probably use some health care to kick a few habits of his own named Limbaugh. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she then got to endure her husband’s total stupidity with an intern named Monica!

In my whole life, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anyone more willing to take on and accept abuse (some even self inflicted) from the public and the media! Hillary Clinton accepts it and blindly keeps coming back for more! I am pretty sure, that if nothing else should disqualify the lady from becoming President, this should. Even though I think she’d probably be pretty good at it, who wants to put up with four years of this crap? Why she does it, I don’t know but I believe she could give lessons to the energizer bunny!

Politics ain’t beanbag. It’s a stinky, nasty, bastard that makes our country smell much more like a cesspool than the Garden of Eden. I still say we ought to do the world a favor, get rid of all the politicians, and run this whole damn thing ourselves! We couldn’t do any worse!

Have a great week everybody.

Rod Taylor                                              http://www.allaroundseniors.net