Annnddd….they’re off!!

will_rogers2Sometimes we find ourselves standing around wishing for things that can no longer possibly happen. My fondest wish, now that the first of the Republican political debates has already descended on us is that my idol, Will Rogers, was still alive and well. Other than Jesus himself, I don’t think anyone I’ve ever known (or read) had a better handle on who people really are (or pretend to be) than the original Mr. Rogers, and boy, we could use him now!

As of the other night, I don’t believe that ever in this lifetime has so much hot air been pushed at so many by so few! Kind of like a Duck Dynasty rerun in suits! You have to feel sorry for the people of Cleveland having that much toxic waste dumped in their city with very little warning and as yet no one has put up a dime to cover remediation costs!

On the constructive side, my bright idea this morning after nearly being run over by a texting driver on my way to play a little music is….(wait for it!)….pass a law that would make it legal for folks to vote on their cell phones! At first, the idea sounded a little far fetched but the further I got into it, the more my brain kept saying, why not? Let’s face it, we bank by phone, check emails by phone, pay bills by phone, text by phone, damn near live our lives on the phone, why don’t we get out of the dark ages and begin voting by phone as well? Shouldn’t be any big deal right?

Let’s face it, if we can do the other 99% of our lives by phone a small thing like voting registry and the actual process of voting itself should be no big deal and that whole waste of money, manpower, vote counting, B…S… politics and time waste could be eliminated in the blink of an eye! Why do we need to waste time standing in lines burning up the clock to do something that can be accomplished on a cell phone in seconds? Why do we need to waste billions of tax dollars setting up phony restrictions and “stacking the deck” on people who just might vote a little differently than we’d like them to? Are we that insecure that we believe the only way we can retain power is to make voting tough as possible on “those” people?

Since having our noses buried in our cellphones is where most of the population of the USA seems to live these days,Vote phone we could eliminate a huge amount of time, fraud and government waste by just eliminating politicians altogether, do our government business on a daily basis  by phone and eliminate billions of dollars in tax burden by doing it ourselves!

What’s the big deal? Our governing bodies, the congress and senate have managed to carve out these lofty 6% approval ratings for themselves working on our behalf (laughter) and I’ll bet anybody in town a free lunch that we ought to be able to do that good or better in our sleep! I imagine Will Rogers would approve and he might even offer us a little advice now and then!

Another notable event that took place the other night was the last and final performance of Jon Stewart on the “Daily Show”.

Other than Will Rogers himself, I don’t believe any public performer has (or has ever had) a better handle on modern day politics and politicians or been held in higher esteem by everyone from janitors to the President of the USA than Stewart! Sure, it’s a different time and generation but to me, he had Rogers’ type of wit and dry humor when he looked at politicians that made us love him! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could tap into his brand of brain power to create a “Cell Phone Democracy”?

Let’s face it, if we put our minds to it, I’d be willing to bet that after the normal amount of grunts groans and hiccups, there is enough of our own solid brain power (plus technological and electronic) to re-create an operating government, still maintain a democracy, eliminate tons of stupidity, greed, graft and corruption, and still turn this big old battleship into something the world would respect again! How many neanderthals does it take to start a war? To hell with politicians! It should be obvious that their day has come and gone! If you need further proof of that, their performance in Cleveland the other night should do the job!

Our slogan could be; “SEND POLITICIANS HOME, VOTE BY PHONE”! I’ll bet Will Rogers would be proud!

Have a great week everybody!

Rod Taylor