barackquestions1As most of you already know (or suspect), I’ve been a big fan of our President for a long, long time. Never in my adult life have I seen someone bear up under the spiteful slights and smears of their opposition and enter into this very difficult office with his political foes totally dedicated to the proposition of defeating his every move and making his, a “one term only” presidency! Indeed, to endure the hidden slurs and nastiness of those you’re supposed to be forming alliances with, even those who condescend to work with you this one time only……the road has to have been long and treacherous with very, very few who might spend a minute talking with you to share your opinions or hear your gripes.

Through it all, all those tormenting times where he must have come within a hair of doubting his own values or even his own worth, the fact that he has managed to pass laws through the Supreme Court which will redefineobama-one-term-president the social direction of this great nation for future generations is truly earth shattering! The Affordable Care Act, one of the most vilified pieces of legislation in recent history passed through the court in a 6 to 3 decision. Likewise, the Same Sex marriage bill passed 5 to 4! Surprisingly, the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama has withstood the onslaught of conservatives everywhere and come through it all with flying colors. These are not lightweight victories but decisions that will define not only in his first term, but his second term as well!

In all of our lives, there are mileposts we look back upon that we instinctively know are game changers. I can still remember the night Cassius Clay, (he was still Cassius Clay then) stepped into the ring for his first fight with Sonny Liston. We had all heard about Clay but everybody knew that Liston was the baddest cat in town and that’s where we put our money! By the end of the first round, we all knew our money was gone and there was a new top dog in the house!

We can all look back at the Denver Broncos as one of the worlds great “also ran” football teams, but in 1997 we got to change out tune! When you got up out of bed that day, somehow, you felt that this day just might be different from all those other embarrassing moments because you had those strange chills running up and down your back and by sundown you knew you were right!

We had us a World Champion!

That’s what this week felt like. Watching this man in action, you had to stop and say to yourself that you’re watching something special. I wont say he’s a crap shooter …just someone totally dedicated to doing his job despite the obstacles thrown in his path! I still distinctly remember the night he appeared before the TV cameras and told the world that a team of Seals under his supervision had just killed Osama Bin Laden. You knew that was a big decision and a big victory but you didn’t really know how big until you saw film clips of that little room with Obama and all his closest advisers glued to the TV monitors looking scared to death and you knew that they knew all their chips were in and they were rolling the dice for the whole house!

This past week, once again, we got to watch a man we call Mr. President persevere and perform at the top of his game despite the obstacles. I won’t spend a lot of time dwelling on Dylann Wolf’s journey into racial hate, death and madness but instead write a few words about the reaction of this man and the people of South Carolina who were ready to forgive despite their personal losses!

The eulogy he gave for Rev. Pinckney was inspiring. It was kind of like watching Hank Aaron, Elvis, and Mohammed Ali all rolled into one when they were at the very top of their game! When he paused and then broke into Amazing Grace, the whole audience erupted and began singing as one! They blew the doors off that arena, and I’m not ashamed to say I sat there and cried like a baby because it was like the Super Bowl, the last game of the World Series, and one of the most truly inspiring moments I’ll ever get to see in my lifetime! If you haven’t seen it, you should! It was a moment no one should ever forget.

Have a great week everybody.

Rod Taylor                                  http://www.allaroundseniors.net



  1. I suppose in light of the actions of our elected officials over the last six years one should not be surprised at the reactions and responses to the Supreme Court’s decisions of the past week. It occurs to me the Court is bringing the Constitutional rights and freedoms to all of the citizens of this country instead of appeasing a politically and religious evangelical Christian bias and forcing all citizens to pretend this is a Christian nation. As those same evangelicals will often tout, nations are not Christian. Individuals are Christian and a majority of any population may be Christian but the group does not gain spiritual approval because the majority prevailed. It seems to me this is the very purpose of the Supreme Court, to determine and ensure the Constitution speaks clearly, fairly and justly to the rights of individuals.
    If I recall correctly, one of those promises in the Constitution is that everyone is free to pursue liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. How do we allow those elected to bow down to bankers, industrial complex and influence peddlars and use the funds of the lobbyists as the “research” on determining which opinions to support?
    President Obama has been disrespected personally and the office has been undermined repeatedly by those who decided from day one to work against him and his policies. Of course it was never about race or bigotry. It was never about religion. But we were asked repeatedly, “Where was he born and isn’t he a Muslim?” Every success was dissected and reinterpretted as an attempt to destroy our nation. Every misstep was blown out of proportion and announced from the rooftops. The good old boys and girls were being challenged and they did not work through differences by cooperative discussion and compromise. They proclaimed a political war against their own commander in chief and declared their opinions as the correct path.
    In spite of this, he has been reelected by a majority of voters who are happy to see the power brokers make such spectacles of themselves and all under the guise of following the will of God. By putting major emphases on selective biblical passages and totally ignoring or by putting a particular spin on others they have created a moral code which mirrors that of the Pharisees in the first century. They impose laws on the common man but write in exceptions for themselves. They use the government to fill their own pockets while robbing the retirement and healthcare funds of the taxpayers to secure their own retirments, benefits of office and lifestyles. Sometimes security is the excuse for the elaborate transportation and exclusive travel expenses. Sometimes it is research to appear important in the decisions of other nations. Sometimes emotions are triggered by running heartfelt reminders of the past up the flagpole and forgetting the irrational reasons for those past actions.
    I once knew a man in the south who was chief of the police in his small city, chair of the deacons in his church and the grand poopah of the KKK, all at the same time and seeing no conflict of interest in that formula.
    My heart is heavy for those who use the teachings of their faith tradition to judge and control people who are not part of that faith tradition. Yes, the Constitution guarantees the freedom of religion. Yes, it is based on a moral code accepted by the Judeo-Christian teachings. But it is not a Christian document. This is not a Christian country. And if evangelical Christians want to influence the actions and lifestyles of the population, perhaps it is time to go back to evangelizing instead of using political rhetoric and influence to impose their beliefs on others. As with the Pharisees, they have demonstrated their hypocrisy by living loosely or by exempting themselves from following their own moral teachings while using those same teachings to control the population by imposing their definition of God’s law upon the nation. Fortunately, the United States Supreme Court and
    President Barak Obama have taken a major step in guaranteeing that every citizen of this great nation is guaranteed the protection of their rights and freedoms. The priviledged have been confronted with the reality of their hypocrisy.
    God bless these decisions and God bless the United States of America.

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