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At Long Last…..TRUMP!!!

trump2I don’t believe it…is it possible…could it be?? YES IT IS!! Our prayers have been answered!! The time is here!!…the clown car is firing up!!…TV pundits everywhere know their jobs are secure for the next year and a half because Trump just jumped into the election race and in the first five minutes of his announcement speech, pissed off at least half of his competition and left the other half wondering “What the hell am I doing here”?! Neil Young told him to “F— Off! and not use his songs because he’s a Bernie Sanders supporter!

Poor old Jeb Bush is watching his life neil-young4flash before his eyes because the road ahead  looks more like a war zone than a political campaign! So far, Trump has managed to insult him, his wife, her country and heritage and that’s just for openers!

Personally, I want to thank Neil Young for stepping in and telling Trump not to use his songs! Believe it or not, Neil and I were raised about 10 miles down the road from each other in Ontario. Both decided to make our living playing music and both decided that the USA was the place to do it. With the exception of the fact that we’re equally pretty, comparisons end there and I certainly wouldn’t want to compare his bank account to mine!

Getting back to the Trumpster, put yourself in the shoes of Rubio…or Walker…or Rick Perry…or Huckabee or Cruz etc.! I’ll bet they’re all wondering how they’re going to be able to instantly quit bad mouthing Obama and begin bad mouthing Trump! Every one of those guys have to be sitting at home wondering whether or not they should cut their losses or go out to the woodshed and cut off a finger or trump1find some other story like “more time for my family” or any other equally lame excuse!

The other road of course is to throw all caution aside, jump straight into the clownmobile and attempt to slug it out with the Trumpster in a rip roaring brawl that is bound to leave no one unscarred! Meanwhile, President Obama is in the White House sitting back in his big presidential chair saying to himself “Yes…there is a God”!!

One thing is for sure, everyone is going to be watching, and all the TV networks who were panicked about their sagging ratings are now going to be battling (battling?) for the the privilege of showing one or more of these debate episodes. Fox News is probably trying to figure how to hog this melee to themselves while everyone else tries to figure out how to sabotage Fox News and not get caught! Hey…it’ll be better than Wide World of Wrestling or old Duck Dynasty reruns and the ratings will be through the roof! None of the present candidates can lie more convincingly than Trump. None of them have been in front of a bankruptcy judge more often than this “richest” contender for the Republican ticket, and not one of them can be as brazen at stepping over those facts than “Delusional Donald” himself!

Meanwhile, back in the lush green valleys of Vermont, there’s a guy named Bernie Sanders who has to be more thanBernieSanders2 tickled by this wild republican free-for-all as his campaign for President gathers momentum inch by inch. Usually it’s the Democrats that look like a Honkytonk at closing time on Saturday night and even though he knows the odds are stacked  pretty long against his attempt to win this campaign, Bernie also knows he’s gonna scare hell out of a lot of people including Hillary Clinton! I’ll bet he’s chomping at the bit to get it on!

No one goes unnoticed. Not the Supreme Court, the Koch Brothers (or is it the Kook Brothers?), Sheldon Adelson, the folks behind Citizens United, and all the rest!

No one gets to hide as they have in the past, and no one is excluded. Even Hillary is going to have to explain in brutal detail how her money keeps pouring in. Although it could well be 100% honest and legal, Bernie’s presence in this campaign is going to cause a lot of things that might have remained in the shadows, out into the open.

And that’s the way it should be! 

Have a great week everybody.

Rod Taylor                        http://www.allaroundseniors.net


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