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AND….They’re Off!!!

The number of GOP candidates for President is getting larger by the minute.

The number of GOP candidates for President is getting larger by the minute.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

At long last, in a dazzling display of mediocrity that has left most of the American voting public begging for mercy, the two current sides of our reigning political powers (at least those begging for your vote), have finally “declared”! Yep, they’re candidates for an ascension to the throne of President of the USA for the foreseeable future at least!

Indeed, the only folks who are really delighted with this whole sequence of events are the self assigned political “experts” who fill our TV screens on Sunday mornings with their intellectual opinions and personal brand of Bovine Excement about absolutely nothing of any importance!

Actually, with the exception of a few “family friendly” shows, I’ve gotten into the habit of making my Sunday mornings a TV “no fly zone” which isn’t easy for a television addicted person like me! I’ve been forced to go practice my guitar, go for a walk, go wash the car, or do anything constructive as long as it doesn’t include the drivel that Sunday morning TV watching provides! That brings up another question that I believe we should ask ourselves.

If, (as we tell ourselves) we’re all so interested in the truth, why is it that we allow ourselves to own a box made for morons that sits there in the corner or up against the living room wall spewing nonsense any second grader should be able to analyze as nothing more than second rate BS?

Peddling Horse Puckey on TV is nothing new and it’s certainly not limited to politics. For generations, we’ve been watching a host of liars that ranges from TV preachers to cigarette advertisers to used car peddlers and yes, right down there scraping the bottom of the barrel, those “safe” Oil Well Fracking ads and Presidential Wannabe’s!

And we wonder why our kids are screwed up?

If there is such a thing as “truth in advertising” then, how come no has as yet invented something that we could put on (ocruzlie1r in) our TV’s that would allow the consumer to know either by sight or smell when that wonderful story being told by the person in front of the camera was the gospel truth, or just the usual heifer dust? I don’t know about you folks but like most others, I have cable, and that cable is costing me somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred bucks (give or take) per month. That’s what I’m paying to have these fools play me for the biggest fool of all! So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a “fact checker” gismo on your TV so that when someone was ready spreading it deep, your TV screen would begin to turn a dark brown, something akin to the color of old cow turds? That might be fitting, or maybe your TV could begin smelling as though you had just stepped into an overripe pigpen? That would be appropriate also!

Will Rogers once said, “If you ever injected truth into politics, you would have no politics!” He was right!

Here’s another one, “Congress is so strange; a man gets up to speak and says nothing, nobody listens, and then everybody disagrees.”

This year the fields on both sides of the Presidential argument are large and growing larger! The Democrats have atcorp1 least four candidates, and I’ve lost count on the Republican side. One thing is for sure… each one is a master at telling their own brand of truth and it kind of makes you wonder why they all want to go through this ritual dance in the first place. It wouldn’t be those mega bucks donors they’re all sucking up to would it?

There’s money in politics and just as we found out in the case of an old retired Speaker of the House turned lobbyist, it doesn’t take long to build up a financial stash large enough to agree to a payout of three and one half million to try to cover up his sordid past! You can’t do that at $7.50 per hour!

SMELLAVISION!! Now…there’s a concept!! Think I’ll buy me one if I can find it!

Have a great week everybody!

Rod Taylor                               http://www.allaroundseniors.net


2 thoughts on “AND….They’re Off!!!

  1. Turns out one of the candidates has the battle cry “Jeb!” I guess he thinks this will help us forget his last name is Bush. I have forgotten exactly how many Republican candidates we have. It seems like it might be 30 something. Actually this is good news for Democrats. When the GOP finally settles on one of them, the others will have trashed that one with enough fodder for the Dems to roast their opponent on the GOP’s own words.
    Then there is Hillary. I don’t think anyone will forget her last name is Clinton. She is opposed by someone. I forget who. Or is it whom?
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have candidates for all of the offices who would like to fix it. You know, voluntarily cut their own salary, health and retirement benefits and follow the rules they pass into law for the rest of us to follow. How about making lobbying be tagged as the bribery force it is? How about making a limit on the amount of money a candidate is able to raise and spend on a primary and then a cap on the amount the candidates may use for the election? How about total accountability and transparency on income, political gifts to candidates and campaign expenses?
    Perhaps then the candidate who shows the wisest and best use of limited funds will be elected instead of the candidate who is purchased by the powers that be who also have the funds to brainwash the voters into submission.
    I certainly don’t have an answer. I thought by voting against any incumbent would at least weaken the power and influence of those who own our elected officials.This might give us a break while those power brokers scurry to buy the new ones. Apparently as voters we are sheep. Perhaps the Libertarians do have a better plan, but I’m pretty sure things will be manipulated until electing one will be a miracle. Word on the street has it that those who own the elected officials also have ways of making sure the candidates they control win the elections.
    We have lost faith in our government because the big money banks, manufacturers and power mongers are running things. Those elected are merely distractions to keep us mentally and emotionally occupied with minutia so that we will not look too deeply into reality of the world situation.
    Perhaps it is time to change the call from God bless us and God bless the United States of America to God help us and God help the United States of America. It doesn’t appear anything less than divine interference can save us now.

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