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It’s The Water…And The Hemp!!

Many DW1years ago, one of our major brewing companies, (was it  Coors?) had a slogan that I believe went, “It’s the Water”.

This week, the Environmental Protection Agency made a pronouncement that they could not find any correlation between oil well fracking and the safety of our drinking water. Upon hearing this my first question was, since we don’t know for sure the names of  all the chemicals the drilling companies are forcing down the well hole, how then, is the EPA qualified to tell the public whether or not their drinking water is impacted by a well that’s fracked?

Even though I know that our summer season in Colorado thus far has been one of the wettest I can remember, I’m also quite aware that one of the worst droughts in history is impacting the southwest and in certain areas of California, farmers aren’t even bothering to plant crops because of lack of sufficient water to feed and irrigate them.10537735_665890526837338_9149993080934533626_n Our scientists and some political leaders are warning us about climate change and rising sea levels and yet there are still diehards and deniers who dispute the idea and say we ought to hold course as we’ve always done. Indeed, two of our current Florida Presidential candidates dispute global warming and rising water levels even though some streets of south Miami Beach are under sea water now every time it rains.

I’m reminded of the old James Casey poem, “The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” and those fateful words, “water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.” My heart chills a little when I stop to think that for some folks at this time, there may be more truth in that poem than fiction.

frack1Consider this. Everything I’ve read about oil well fracking tells me that anywhere from one million to several million gallons of water we use for our every day needs get forced down the hole to frack a well. When you multiply that by the thousands of wells currently being fracked across our nation, you don’t have to be a mathematical whiz to realize that’s a helluva lot of water! In short, with climate conditions the way they are and shortages occurring as they are in our southwest, what would you prefer to have, gasoline for your car, or clean, fresh water to brush your teeth? I know I’m beginning to sound like a bit of an alarmist but the way things are, if we continue to use this resource to frack oil wells, it won’t be long before we’ll be forced to choose! I don’t believe we can continue to have both!

So…….what’s our way out of this one?

I believe Henry Ford saw this as a potential problem many years ago and was as willing to meet the problem head on then, as we should be now! There is a fuel solution to feed our hungry internal combustion engines and that solution is fuel from Hemp!  I know Elon Musk is doing wonderful things with batteries but meanwhile, we’ve got hungry gasoline engines to feed!

In this year of political campaigns and runups to presidential elections, wouldn’t it be wonderful if all those presidential wannabe’s who hold up their shingles as being good upstanding Christian citizens would take a look at a God given solution in the form of this little green plant growing out of the ground to our impending combustion engine fuel problem?

Think about it folks. No more busted pipe lines trashing our coastlines! No more exploding oil trains! No more oil refineries belching smoke and fire, polluting the earth while greedy fossil fuel companies ignore the filth and devastation they cause and pick our pockets while they do it!

If this blog makes any sense to you, I’d appreciate if you would forward it on to your friends. It’s no secret that we have a problem, and it’s also no secret that we are the only ones who can fix it! The politicians wont. They’re too busy sucking up all those fat cat special interest big bucks to maintain the status quo!

Thanks and have a great week everybody!

Rod Taylor        http://www.allaroundseniors.net



One thought on “It’s The Water…And The Hemp!!

  1. It’s the water (the water, the water, the water,) that makes OLYMPIA Beer…. Everybody sing. Until Hemp supporters provide funds to line the pockets of our unbiased politicians to the same level the bankers and oil/petroleum based industries provide lobbyists with special interest money, we will continue to do everything it takes to keep oil at the top of the list. When the oil finally depletes, 10 years, a thousand years, who knows? Only then will alternate sources of energy be prioritized. As you said it is taking billions of gallons of drinking water to frack wells for minimal recovery of oil. Forget that the farmers are unable to provide crops for our tables, maybe we can eat the oil products. If we put corn and beans in ethanol for our gas tanks, perhaps we will find a way to put low grade oil in our cereals. The inmates are in charge of the asylum and the asylum is in Washington, DC. It doesn’t matter at this point which party the politicians who are bought and paid for belong to, It doesn’t matter what the lower and middle classes think or want. Unless someone comes up with enough money to buy our politicians and the political process back, we will continue to starve ourselves to death. The one major water solution that comes to mind is if we can find an oil driven method of desalination of the oceans (oil and water both win) there might be hope. Of course taking water from the ocean probably won’t have any affect on global warming. I’m going back to sleep now.

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