barackquestions1As most of you already know (or suspect), I’ve been a big fan of our President for a long, long time. Never in my adult life have I seen someone bear up under the spiteful slights and smears of their opposition and enter into this very difficult office with his political foes totally dedicated to the proposition of defeating his every move and making his, a “one term only” presidency! Indeed, to endure the hidden slurs and nastiness of those you’re supposed to be forming alliances with, even those who condescend to work with you this one time only……the road has to have been long and treacherous with very, very few who might spend a minute talking with you to share your opinions or hear your gripes.

Through it all, all those tormenting times where he must have come within a hair of doubting his own values or even his own worth, the fact that he has managed to pass laws through the Supreme Court which will redefineobama-one-term-president the social direction of this great nation for future generations is truly earth shattering! The Affordable Care Act, one of the most vilified pieces of legislation in recent history passed through the court in a 6 to 3 decision. Likewise, the Same Sex marriage bill passed 5 to 4! Surprisingly, the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama has withstood the onslaught of conservatives everywhere and come through it all with flying colors. These are not lightweight victories but decisions that will define not only in his first term, but his second term as well!

In all of our lives, there are mileposts we look back upon that we instinctively know are game changers. I can still remember the night Cassius Clay, (he was still Cassius Clay then) stepped into the ring for his first fight with Sonny Liston. We had all heard about Clay but everybody knew that Liston was the baddest cat in town and that’s where we put our money! By the end of the first round, we all knew our money was gone and there was a new top dog in the house!

We can all look back at the Denver Broncos as one of the worlds great “also ran” football teams, but in 1997 we got to change out tune! When you got up out of bed that day, somehow, you felt that this day just might be different from all those other embarrassing moments because you had those strange chills running up and down your back and by sundown you knew you were right!

We had us a World Champion!

That’s what this week felt like. Watching this man in action, you had to stop and say to yourself that you’re watching something special. I wont say he’s a crap shooter …just someone totally dedicated to doing his job despite the obstacles thrown in his path! I still distinctly remember the night he appeared before the TV cameras and told the world that a team of Seals under his supervision had just killed Osama Bin Laden. You knew that was a big decision and a big victory but you didn’t really know how big until you saw film clips of that little room with Obama and all his closest advisers glued to the TV monitors looking scared to death and you knew that they knew all their chips were in and they were rolling the dice for the whole house!

This past week, once again, we got to watch a man we call Mr. President persevere and perform at the top of his game despite the obstacles. I won’t spend a lot of time dwelling on Dylann Wolf’s journey into racial hate, death and madness but instead write a few words about the reaction of this man and the people of South Carolina who were ready to forgive despite their personal losses!

The eulogy he gave for Rev. Pinckney was inspiring. It was kind of like watching Hank Aaron, Elvis, and Mohammed Ali all rolled into one when they were at the very top of their game! When he paused and then broke into Amazing Grace, the whole audience erupted and began singing as one! They blew the doors off that arena, and I’m not ashamed to say I sat there and cried like a baby because it was like the Super Bowl, the last game of the World Series, and one of the most truly inspiring moments I’ll ever get to see in my lifetime! If you haven’t seen it, you should! It was a moment no one should ever forget.

Have a great week everybody.

Rod Taylor                        


At Long Last…..TRUMP!!!

trump2I don’t believe it…is it possible…could it be?? YES IT IS!! Our prayers have been answered!! The time is here!!…the clown car is firing up!!…TV pundits everywhere know their jobs are secure for the next year and a half because Trump just jumped into the election race and in the first five minutes of his announcement speech, pissed off at least half of his competition and left the other half wondering “What the hell am I doing here”?! Neil Young told him to “F— Off! and not use his songs because he’s a Bernie Sanders supporter!

Poor old Jeb Bush is watching his life neil-young4flash before his eyes because the road ahead  looks more like a war zone than a political campaign! So far, Trump has managed to insult him, his wife, her country and heritage and that’s just for openers!

Personally, I want to thank Neil Young for stepping in and telling Trump not to use his songs! Believe it or not, Neil and I were raised about 10 miles down the road from each other in Ontario. Both decided to make our living playing music and both decided that the USA was the place to do it. With the exception of the fact that we’re equally pretty, comparisons end there and I certainly wouldn’t want to compare his bank account to mine!

Getting back to the Trumpster, put yourself in the shoes of Rubio…or Walker…or Rick Perry…or Huckabee or Cruz etc.! I’ll bet they’re all wondering how they’re going to be able to instantly quit bad mouthing Obama and begin bad mouthing Trump! Every one of those guys have to be sitting at home wondering whether or not they should cut their losses or go out to the woodshed and cut off a finger or trump1find some other story like “more time for my family” or any other equally lame excuse!

The other road of course is to throw all caution aside, jump straight into the clownmobile and attempt to slug it out with the Trumpster in a rip roaring brawl that is bound to leave no one unscarred! Meanwhile, President Obama is in the White House sitting back in his big presidential chair saying to himself “Yes…there is a God”!!

One thing is for sure, everyone is going to be watching, and all the TV networks who were panicked about their sagging ratings are now going to be battling (battling?) for the the privilege of showing one or more of these debate episodes. Fox News is probably trying to figure how to hog this melee to themselves while everyone else tries to figure out how to sabotage Fox News and not get caught! Hey…it’ll be better than Wide World of Wrestling or old Duck Dynasty reruns and the ratings will be through the roof! None of the present candidates can lie more convincingly than Trump. None of them have been in front of a bankruptcy judge more often than this “richest” contender for the Republican ticket, and not one of them can be as brazen at stepping over those facts than “Delusional Donald” himself!

Meanwhile, back in the lush green valleys of Vermont, there’s a guy named Bernie Sanders who has to be more thanBernieSanders2 tickled by this wild republican free-for-all as his campaign for President gathers momentum inch by inch. Usually it’s the Democrats that look like a Honkytonk at closing time on Saturday night and even though he knows the odds are stacked  pretty long against his attempt to win this campaign, Bernie also knows he’s gonna scare hell out of a lot of people including Hillary Clinton! I’ll bet he’s chomping at the bit to get it on!

No one goes unnoticed. Not the Supreme Court, the Koch Brothers (or is it the Kook Brothers?), Sheldon Adelson, the folks behind Citizens United, and all the rest!

No one gets to hide as they have in the past, and no one is excluded. Even Hillary is going to have to explain in brutal detail how her money keeps pouring in. Although it could well be 100% honest and legal, Bernie’s presence in this campaign is going to cause a lot of things that might have remained in the shadows, out into the open.

And that’s the way it should be! 

Have a great week everybody.

Rod Taylor              

AND….They’re Off!!!

The number of GOP candidates for President is getting larger by the minute.

The number of GOP candidates for President is getting larger by the minute.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

At long last, in a dazzling display of mediocrity that has left most of the American voting public begging for mercy, the two current sides of our reigning political powers (at least those begging for your vote), have finally “declared”! Yep, they’re candidates for an ascension to the throne of President of the USA for the foreseeable future at least!

Indeed, the only folks who are really delighted with this whole sequence of events are the self assigned political “experts” who fill our TV screens on Sunday mornings with their intellectual opinions and personal brand of Bovine Excement about absolutely nothing of any importance!

Actually, with the exception of a few “family friendly” shows, I’ve gotten into the habit of making my Sunday mornings a TV “no fly zone” which isn’t easy for a television addicted person like me! I’ve been forced to go practice my guitar, go for a walk, go wash the car, or do anything constructive as long as it doesn’t include the drivel that Sunday morning TV watching provides! That brings up another question that I believe we should ask ourselves.

If, (as we tell ourselves) we’re all so interested in the truth, why is it that we allow ourselves to own a box made for morons that sits there in the corner or up against the living room wall spewing nonsense any second grader should be able to analyze as nothing more than second rate BS?

Peddling Horse Puckey on TV is nothing new and it’s certainly not limited to politics. For generations, we’ve been watching a host of liars that ranges from TV preachers to cigarette advertisers to used car peddlers and yes, right down there scraping the bottom of the barrel, those “safe” Oil Well Fracking ads and Presidential Wannabe’s!

And we wonder why our kids are screwed up?

If there is such a thing as “truth in advertising” then, how come no has as yet invented something that we could put on (ocruzlie1r in) our TV’s that would allow the consumer to know either by sight or smell when that wonderful story being told by the person in front of the camera was the gospel truth, or just the usual heifer dust? I don’t know about you folks but like most others, I have cable, and that cable is costing me somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred bucks (give or take) per month. That’s what I’m paying to have these fools play me for the biggest fool of all! So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a “fact checker” gismo on your TV so that when someone was ready spreading it deep, your TV screen would begin to turn a dark brown, something akin to the color of old cow turds? That might be fitting, or maybe your TV could begin smelling as though you had just stepped into an overripe pigpen? That would be appropriate also!

Will Rogers once said, “If you ever injected truth into politics, you would have no politics!” He was right!

Here’s another one, “Congress is so strange; a man gets up to speak and says nothing, nobody listens, and then everybody disagrees.”

This year the fields on both sides of the Presidential argument are large and growing larger! The Democrats have atcorp1 least four candidates, and I’ve lost count on the Republican side. One thing is for sure… each one is a master at telling their own brand of truth and it kind of makes you wonder why they all want to go through this ritual dance in the first place. It wouldn’t be those mega bucks donors they’re all sucking up to would it?

There’s money in politics and just as we found out in the case of an old retired Speaker of the House turned lobbyist, it doesn’t take long to build up a financial stash large enough to agree to a payout of three and one half million to try to cover up his sordid past! You can’t do that at $7.50 per hour!

SMELLAVISION!! Now…there’s a concept!! Think I’ll buy me one if I can find it!

Have a great week everybody!

Rod Taylor                     

It’s The Water…And The Hemp!!

Many DW1years ago, one of our major brewing companies, (was it  Coors?) had a slogan that I believe went, “It’s the Water”.

This week, the Environmental Protection Agency made a pronouncement that they could not find any correlation between oil well fracking and the safety of our drinking water. Upon hearing this my first question was, since we don’t know for sure the names of  all the chemicals the drilling companies are forcing down the well hole, how then, is the EPA qualified to tell the public whether or not their drinking water is impacted by a well that’s fracked?

Even though I know that our summer season in Colorado thus far has been one of the wettest I can remember, I’m also quite aware that one of the worst droughts in history is impacting the southwest and in certain areas of California, farmers aren’t even bothering to plant crops because of lack of sufficient water to feed and irrigate them.10537735_665890526837338_9149993080934533626_n Our scientists and some political leaders are warning us about climate change and rising sea levels and yet there are still diehards and deniers who dispute the idea and say we ought to hold course as we’ve always done. Indeed, two of our current Florida Presidential candidates dispute global warming and rising water levels even though some streets of south Miami Beach are under sea water now every time it rains.

I’m reminded of the old James Casey poem, “The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” and those fateful words, “water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.” My heart chills a little when I stop to think that for some folks at this time, there may be more truth in that poem than fiction.

frack1Consider this. Everything I’ve read about oil well fracking tells me that anywhere from one million to several million gallons of water we use for our every day needs get forced down the hole to frack a well. When you multiply that by the thousands of wells currently being fracked across our nation, you don’t have to be a mathematical whiz to realize that’s a helluva lot of water! In short, with climate conditions the way they are and shortages occurring as they are in our southwest, what would you prefer to have, gasoline for your car, or clean, fresh water to brush your teeth? I know I’m beginning to sound like a bit of an alarmist but the way things are, if we continue to use this resource to frack oil wells, it won’t be long before we’ll be forced to choose! I don’t believe we can continue to have both!

So…….what’s our way out of this one?

I believe Henry Ford saw this as a potential problem many years ago and was as willing to meet the problem head on then, as we should be now! There is a fuel solution to feed our hungry internal combustion engines and that solution is fuel from Hemp!  I know Elon Musk is doing wonderful things with batteries but meanwhile, we’ve got hungry gasoline engines to feed!

In this year of political campaigns and runups to presidential elections, wouldn’t it be wonderful if all those presidential wannabe’s who hold up their shingles as being good upstanding Christian citizens would take a look at a God given solution in the form of this little green plant growing out of the ground to our impending combustion engine fuel problem?

Think about it folks. No more busted pipe lines trashing our coastlines! No more exploding oil trains! No more oil refineries belching smoke and fire, polluting the earth while greedy fossil fuel companies ignore the filth and devastation they cause and pick our pockets while they do it!

If this blog makes any sense to you, I’d appreciate if you would forward it on to your friends. It’s no secret that we have a problem, and it’s also no secret that we are the only ones who can fix it! The politicians wont. They’re too busy sucking up all those fat cat special interest big bucks to maintain the status quo!

Thanks and have a great week everybody!

Rod Taylor