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Nice Going, Mr. President

10363992_10152286021038241_8823739990813409908_nThis week we got treated to a little look at the “whatifmobile.”

“What could be” or “what might be” seems like a phrase we don’t hear much around these parts any more because it makes me think of a special word. The word is “PEACE” and it’s a word that requires some very special care these days in the way it’s treated.

I know it’s Easter and I know I’m a dreamer, but when world leaders from everywhere seem to be looking around for a soapbox to stand on so they can foul the air and pound our ears with their myopic war hype philosophies, the idea that we have a president whose philosophies seem to follow those of John Lennon who once sang, “Give peace a chance”, those philosophies are truly refreshing!

As a Grandfather who is totally repelled by the thought of my grandkid and thousands upon thousands of other folks grandkids going to sleep at night beside their AR-15 in some rat infested hell-hole corner of the earth, defending God knows what, the idea of a peace proposition, no matter how remote the hope, is cause for a little private celebration.louie

I know there’s plenty of T’s to cross and plenty of I’s to dot and plenty of  conservative republican war hawks both in our political bodies and those we deal with in our every day lives who are frothing at the mouth to tear this deal apart. Their number one hope is to prove him wrong and give this so called “imposter” the boot so they can fire up the war machines and send his ass packing back to Kenya! (He is from Kenya ….Right)?

All of their “druthers” are totally understood and I believe that’s why we have the word “dysfunctional” in our dictionaries! But before that happens, there’s something about this president that does give me hope and does make me believe that although there might be molehills the size of mountains to overcome, he and his cabinet just might be the men and women we need to make it all happen!

yahuI know we’re not alone in this venture and we’ve got peace partners such as Israel who deserve the utmost consideration, but the overheated bloviating by their so called leader certainly isn’t doing a single thing to help the process along. Also, the country we’re entering into this proposed peace plan with, has black marks on their own personal record to erase, which makes their path a challenging place to be.

Then again, who are we to stand on our own soapbox, looking down our noses, belching our personal perfection to the rest of the world and proclaiming that our perfect society is the example for all other countries to follow? I believe we still have our own discrimination problems along with Ferguson Missouri type problems, immigration problems, climate problems and societal problems galore along with thousands of roads, bridges, schools and other infrastructure problems  that could fill up a lot of pages here. Once we take care of all those in our own little “do as I say, not as I do” format, lets see if, by a lot of hard work, we can take a run at ending Nuclear Proliferation!  If we can make that happen, then, we can make those stalwart “conservative” republicans we’ve had a heapin’ helpin’ of for the last dozen years happy, and talk about shipping his ass back to Kenya!

This is going to be my last blog for a while. In my daily life playing music for, and entertaining certain groups of people, (especially memory care folks), I’ve made some observations which I want to test and examine more closely if possible. Although these certainly aren’t any musical/medical breakthroughs, they are traits that I’ve noticed and want to pass along to others who might be interested after I’ve had a chance to work on them a bit. This website will remain up and running, and from time to time, I intend to make postings of my observations mainly to find out if others in this same occupation come up with the same results in their musical travels. I’ll let you know.

Send me your comments and critiques. I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Happy Easter and have a great week everybody!






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