Well…At Least Someone Stood Up For Democracy!!

469813812Every now and then a story comes along that’s just too good not to write a little something about. That’s the case of our blog today.

Today’s entry is about a man who followed his personal truth and political convictions through to their inevitable upside down conclusion which our government is sure to sweep under the rug!

Sometimes going through the normal political maze to state your point is frustratingly slow and usually manages to get flushed down some political rat hole, so Doug Hughes, a 61 year old Florida postman decided on a more direct route. He put together 535 letters (with proper postage) for all congressional memimages2bers, loaded them onto his homemade gyrocopter and after informing his friends of his intentions, flew to Washington DC and landed on the US Capitol lawn!

What’s his main gripe with politics? Since I don’t know Mr. Hughes personally, I can only surmise that money in politics and the power money has in directing (or re-directing) political thinking seems to play a large role in his frustration. Speaking for millions of pissed off USA voters, it’s probably wrapped around the Supreme Court Citizens United decision, and campaign finance reform period.

truthpolitics2Do I personally agree with Mr. Hughes 100%? Well, I certainly agree with his ethics and his political message 100%. I just don’t think I’d have the guts to fly what he calls a “flying lawn mower” through that maze of security to make his point! For that, he gets my everlasting 100% admiration and unwavering support. As long as he’s the one doing the flying and not me, I’m happy! Does he, like so many of us do, see our current political system as a cesspool of dysfunctionality and warped thinking? There can’t be any doubt that he does, and he might be right since it’s currently rumored the Koch Brothers are planning to spend close to 1 billion dollars to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

Mr. Hughes, I share your frustration and salute you.

The other end of my rant this week is against all those big oil company ads talking about “Fracking Safety”.

Early last week, a “fracked” well near Windsor, Colorado had an equipment failure which caused a lot of steam, some fire, and a hell of a lot of concern for local citizens. The local writers had this to say;fracksafe

“A damaged natural gas and oil well north of Windsor that spewed greenish-brown “flow-back fluid” and steam for upward of 30 hours etc. etc.”

What’s in that greenish brown flow back fluid? I’m sure I don’t know and neither do millions of others since the companies doing the fracking wont tell us, and our “bought and paid for” government sees no reason to reveal those secrets to us! That’s what we get for our hard earned tax dollars right?

I always like the TV ads of the young Mom herding her offspring out onto the playground while she’s telling me about the virtues of fracking, it’s safety, how big oil is right there to help out with a guarantee of a beautiful flowery future, free from foreign oil and everything after that! RIIIGHT!!

Next, we get treated to a TV ad bought and paid for by British Petroleum. It features a BP employee, Mr. Bob Fryar, extolling the virtues of BP while the cameras pan across the fresh wild grass growing up through the gulf waters etc., and how they are spending every conceivable dollar committing to a “safer BP!” Oh really? What they don’t tell you is how they cut every possible corner on safety to get that well drilled and producing and the lives those cuts cost.   So, Mr. BP, thanks for all your pretty commercials, but I would rather you would spend your money repairing the lives and livelihoods you ruined while you were causing the worst environmental disaster in history!

Those are my frustrations this week. Now that the 2016 Presidential Election campaign has begun, I’m sure there will be plenty more where that came from!

To my latest hero Mr. Hughes, you have a friend in Denver!

Please send me your comments and critiques, I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Have a great week everybody!



Nice Going, Mr. President

10363992_10152286021038241_8823739990813409908_nThis week we got treated to a little look at the “whatifmobile.”

“What could be” or “what might be” seems like a phrase we don’t hear much around these parts any more because it makes me think of a special word. The word is “PEACE” and it’s a word that requires some very special care these days in the way it’s treated.

I know it’s Easter and I know I’m a dreamer, but when world leaders from everywhere seem to be looking around for a soapbox to stand on so they can foul the air and pound our ears with their myopic war hype philosophies, the idea that we have a president whose philosophies seem to follow those of John Lennon who once sang, “Give peace a chance”, those philosophies are truly refreshing!

As a Grandfather who is totally repelled by the thought of my grandkid and thousands upon thousands of other folks grandkids going to sleep at night beside their AR-15 in some rat infested hell-hole corner of the earth, defending God knows what, the idea of a peace proposition, no matter how remote the hope, is cause for a little private celebration.louie

I know there’s plenty of T’s to cross and plenty of I’s to dot and plenty of  conservative republican war hawks both in our political bodies and those we deal with in our every day lives who are frothing at the mouth to tear this deal apart. Their number one hope is to prove him wrong and give this so called “imposter” the boot so they can fire up the war machines and send his ass packing back to Kenya! (He is from Kenya ….Right)?

All of their “druthers” are totally understood and I believe that’s why we have the word “dysfunctional” in our dictionaries! But before that happens, there’s something about this president that does give me hope and does make me believe that although there might be molehills the size of mountains to overcome, he and his cabinet just might be the men and women we need to make it all happen!

yahuI know we’re not alone in this venture and we’ve got peace partners such as Israel who deserve the utmost consideration, but the overheated bloviating by their so called leader certainly isn’t doing a single thing to help the process along. Also, the country we’re entering into this proposed peace plan with, has black marks on their own personal record to erase, which makes their path a challenging place to be.

Then again, who are we to stand on our own soapbox, looking down our noses, belching our personal perfection to the rest of the world and proclaiming that our perfect society is the example for all other countries to follow? I believe we still have our own discrimination problems along with Ferguson Missouri type problems, immigration problems, climate problems and societal problems galore along with thousands of roads, bridges, schools and other infrastructure problems  that could fill up a lot of pages here. Once we take care of all those in our own little “do as I say, not as I do” format, lets see if, by a lot of hard work, we can take a run at ending Nuclear Proliferation!  If we can make that happen, then, we can make those stalwart “conservative” republicans we’ve had a heapin’ helpin’ of for the last dozen years happy, and talk about shipping his ass back to Kenya!

This is going to be my last blog for a while. In my daily life playing music for, and entertaining certain groups of people, (especially memory care folks), I’ve made some observations which I want to test and examine more closely if possible. Although these certainly aren’t any musical/medical breakthroughs, they are traits that I’ve noticed and want to pass along to others who might be interested after I’ve had a chance to work on them a bit. This website will remain up and running, and from time to time, I intend to make postings of my observations mainly to find out if others in this same occupation come up with the same results in their musical travels. I’ll let you know.

Send me your comments and critiques. I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Happy Easter and have a great week everybody!





The Two Faces of Ted…

defundThis week in our very own USA hometown (wherever that may be), our TV sets treated us to one of the greatest pieces of political chutzpah ever witnessed by man or beast!

Republican dream child and Presidential contender, Ted Cruz, decided to get a jump on the field and be the first to declare his candidacy for “the big chair…President of the USA!  Although the picture above may vary  slightly from the play by play facts of what took place during that few hour span, the actual story is no less breath taking and awe inspiring.

I really can’t pin down, the actual hour count from the moment CrTEDOKhuz stood on stage at Liberty University making his declaration to run for President and pledging to defund every word of the ACA until he sat in front of another camera hours later on a different network accepting ACA for he and his family as though it was the most acceptable, commonplace thing anyone could ever do! To those who were paying any attention at all, that 180 degree reversal was jaw dropping to say the least, but such is the state of political discourse in the USA in 2015! It almost sounds like a script out of some kind of Clint Eastwood spaghetti western movie except I don’t believe even Eastwood would have tried to pull this one off!

As a Canadian, I’m embarrassed to admit that Canada spawned this guy. As a taxpayer, it makes me crazy to think there’s even a remote possibility that there are voters out there crazy enough to vote for him! Still, when you go back a few years and look at the voting record for our country, you begin to believe that even this might not be totally impossible!

OBcareOne of the more common threads you see following these politicians around as they dance across our TV screens extolling their own virtues and claiming to the world what a wonderful place it will be when so and so is voted out and they are voted in, is that no personal sacrifice ever seems to be required on their part to make whatever it is they’re trying to make happen at your expense, happen!

As in the case of the well insured Mr. Cruz, it’s true that when he signed up for ACA and his wife gave up her blue chip Goldman Sachs family health plan in order to be more active in Teddy’s presidential run, they were the only ones affected. Meanwhile, millions of Cruz’s Texas constituents are on total ignore with no coverage at all  because Teddy is lifting not one finger to make an affordable care plan available to them and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon!

Watching Teddy giving his presidential announcement speech at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University the other day, I was impressed by the way he used the stage. He used it for pacing and timing and pause and effect and did it to perfection to sell whatever he was selling until finally there was only one word I could think of that properly described him.


The only other man I can recall who could seriously carry that title is the man who originally paced that same stage and used every square inch of it to push the product he was selling! The original Shucker himself, Jerry Falwell.

Years ago I used to have to get up early Sunday mornings in order to play a Sunday brunch at a local hotel. I’m really horrible at waking up early, so I’d load up on black coffee and Sunday morning TV programs. My favorite program that was guaranteed to get my heart started was Jerry Falwell selling some tape recorded thing that was supposedly full of sordid crime and sex stories called “The Clinton Chronicles!”

For $19.95 + postage (or something like that) you could get yourself a scandal filled tape of everything that was horrible and dastardly about Bill and Hillary Clinton. Falwell would pace back and forth on that stage, wave his arms, and describe every horrible thing wrong with these people! He was the teacher, a master shucker at work and years later, when his student was on that same stage, pitching his presidential run and simultaneously the repeal of ACA (Obamacare), he proved to the world he had learned his lessons well! Jerry hated the Clintons! Teddy hates Obamacare! They both looked like SHUCKER’s to me!

Send me your comments and critiques. I’ll read them all and use them if I can.

Have a great week everybody.