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Yep, They Sure Did!!


Most of you who have read this blog for any time at all, know that I am not a big fan of politicians and the way voter turnouts are falling off, I believe I’m not alone. Indeed for a long time, I have wondered out loud why, in 2015, with all the technology we have at our fingertips, can’t we eliminate these clowns and all the brain waste that shows up on our TV screens every day?

To me, sending someone to Washington DC to represent me is kind of like putting roller skates on an airplane. We don’t need it, and could probably do much better without it! A perfect example of how unnecessary these people are, is what the world got treated to just this week!

Not in a long time have we ever seen anything as dumb, adolescent and unnecessary as the recent performance by congress. That happened when we woke to find that one particular individual and 47 co-signers sent a letter to the leader of Iran, (Sorry, I don’t know his title) just to let him know how the rubber meets the road if Iran signs onto any agreements with the USA and President Barack Obama.

The list of objections I could come up with here would fill this page and quite a few more, but I have to say a few private “Thank You’s,” to the Iranian leader who laughed it off, and gave the letter the kind ofcongresscartoon attention it deserves by dumping it in file thirteen! Not that Iran and Israel don’t have a problem, they definitely do, but that problem is not going to be solved by a bunch of “not ready for prime time” politicians jumping into something way over their heads and demanding a seat at the negotiating table!

I believe that most families spend a high percentage of their time trying to instill a sense of fairness, honesty and respect for others in their children. This week’s performance by members of the congress resembled a bunch of spoiled first graders who didn’t get the message!

Our congressional non-performance began with Boehner’s sneaking around behind the paulcruzrubioPresident’s back to invite Netanyahu here to fire up the congress with one of his “flamethrower” speeches for the war hawk politicians. Bibi was happy to do it, and as an added bonus, he offered his negative opinion on any progress made by the President, the USA, and the other five countries in coalition with us who are turning over every stone searching for a solution to this very touchy situation.

That wasn’t enough! Congress followed that with a letter to Iran’s leader written by a member with barely enough job history to blow his own nose and cosigned by forty seven others. (What the hell were they thinking??) Can you imagine a school teacher trying to explain this in civics class? Can you imagine the lesson we’re teaching schoolkids across America? Also, If you’re wondering who is prompting these Einsteins to usurp the efforts of our President and his friends, do a little digging and find out who the big financial backers are behind each of these guys (and girls if there are any). Bet you’d find some military interests in there somewhere.

So, what’s your solution genius?

Simple… reinstate the draft.

I know this suggestion would never fly but, nothing in this world would send politicians of both sides heading for their holes any faster than a suggestion by the administration that since we’re facing multiple conflicts, a return to the draft is being considered. Since both houses of congress seem to be overly occupied with war hawks these days, a suggestion of a  possible return to the draft would certainly be cause for a reality check and nothing would turn those hawks into doves any quicker! Also, if noises about a possible draft started drifting through the halls of congress, I believe those hawks who hate this President, his skin color, his policies, and anything else to do with his name would either instantly start hiding under their desks or carrying peace signs, whichever came first!

The post script to all this, is that slowly but surely, drip by crawling drip, towns like Ferguson Missouri are finally releasing those from their top echelons who are beginning to feel the hand of justice tightening on their shoulders and realizing their good old gravy train days are about gone. Not one single congressman (or at least any I know of), is making any effort to assist in cleaning up the racism and inequality here at home and other Ferguson’s all across the USA…hell no! They’ve got nasty letters to write and TV cameras to get in front of!

Send me your comments and critiques. I’ll read them all and use them if I can.

Have a great week everybody.




2 thoughts on “Yep, They Sure Did!!

  1. Rod, I finally found you!!! It’s been a pleasure to read your blog and I look forward to reading more. Hopefully we can meet up some time and enjoy a nice cup of joe or something. Let me know. I LOVE ROD!!!!!!

    • Milkster
      Sorry I took so long getting back bud. I never read these replies. It’s usually just horny old women that want me to come over to their house and I have absolutely NO way of keeping them off me! I would love to have a chance to meet up with you as well. I understand you guys are moving a little further north and before long you’re gonna buy Westminster right? Keep in touch or I’ll tell Flabo to give you a severe talking too!!!
      Rod Taylor

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