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John Stewart…We will miss You!!

truthpolitics4Some times in the middle of our hum drum daily lives, bombshells begin popping out of our TV screens on the evening news like fireworks on the 4th of July! This week’s blockbuster message is wrapped around one thing, John Stewart is retiring and going home.

This hits especially hard for me because most of the “news” on TV feels like it’s 99% BS and Stewart was one of the safe places I could go to hear something closer to the truth. Even though I knew the show was a “put-on,” it always felt closer to the real deal than most of the so-called “news” programming the networks try to feed you. There was always something Stewart did in his presentation of stories that made you realize what the real “meat” of the story was. It also made you realize what a complete waste of time and money 99% of the so called politicians are these days.

In other “news” headlines of the day, it was blasted through the TV universe that NBC TV Anchor, Brian Williams had been busted for inflating his own involvement in certain stories, got his ass caught and has to go to the penalty box for six months. That alone would have been the headline for the day but it didn’t come close to the blockbuster value of the Stewart story.

Other stories of the day that would have made headlines except for the fact that not very much impresses a jaded public any longer, is ttruthpolitics1he $100,000 per plate fund raiser Jeb Bush held to begin bankrolling his 2016 presidential run. He’s doing this of course, so that he can get out there and prove to one and all that he’s really one of us and he’s creating a bond with everyday working folks like you and me! Right?

What makes me feel worse about Stewart’s retirement isn’t that I begrudge him more time to relax with his family, it’s just that politics for the next couple of years during the run up to the Federal election is going to be an absolute circus with the same tribe of clowns who vowed to destroy this President in his first term finding out what real life is like now that the mantle of power is on the other foot!

Jeb’s $100,000 per plate dinner was just the start. I heard the Koch’s have pledged 889 million to the cause. I haven’t heard elect1any numbers coming from Sheldon Adelson, but you know it will be substantial, and their are plenty of others we don’t know about yet. What is the pie they want all to themselves? Probably the good old USA right? They want to buy an election so they can take over a country to rule and run their way! No doubt they’ll call it a democracy but you and I will have absolutely no say in the matter except to be the grunts who do the dirty work!

Of course they’ll cut little favors to those who help their cause. If Mitch McConnell brings in the Keystone Pipeline, no doubt he’ll wind up with his own island with staff and spa! John Boehner will have enough tan-in-a-can to last several lifetimes, and yet kids working in fast food joints still wont be able to get past $7.50 an hour! THAT’S WHAT THEY CALL DEMOCRACY!! John Stewart, we need you!

So…who do you nominate to be Stewart’s replacement?

No doubt, my choice for the job would be Amy Poehler. She’s an ex Saturday Night Live alumni. She’s co-hosted a number of things including the Golden Globes with Tina Fey so she’s definitely got the intelligence, street chops and personality for the gig. In my minds eye I can see her mentally sparring with “intellectuals” like Sarah Palin or reviewing the highs and lows of hog castration with Joni Ernst! I have to believe something that hilarious would be something I would definitely pay to see, and I would also have to believe that any politician (especially the self righteous, myopic, conservative types) who came on her show hoping to put her in her place better bring their lunch ‘cuz it might be a long day!

That’s this week’s slice of the Roddy pie. I need to take this time to say that my blogging is going to slow down a bit. I’ve got some recording to do and some song writing as well. Since there’s only 24 hours in a day, some things will have to shift a little. I’ll let you know.

Send me your comments and critiques! I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Have a great week everybody.





One thought on “John Stewart…We will miss You!!

  1. Hey Rod,
    Maybe Stewart is retiring so he can take a run for the big job. I would vote for him. I promise to not attend a $100,000 per plate dinner for anybody but him. And I’ll bet most of my buddies among the middle and lower classes, you know, real people, will attend any either.
    I like your candidate for his show. She couldn’t replace him but she could fight her own battle with strength and good humor.

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