Your Politicians Hard At Work??


The following article is information I took from a Daily Kos article on the internet. The caption on Congress, speaks for itself.

Thu Feb 12, 2015 at 07:04 AM PST
Big Oil Gave $250,000 to Each Senator who Voted for Keystone XL”

Big Oil Contributions to the Politicians who Voted for Keystone XL

“The oil and gas industry gave nearly $250,000 to each of the 62 senators who voted in favor of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project late last month, according to MapLight, a nonpartisan research organization that tracks the influence of money in politics. The revelations come as the House of Representatives is set to vote on and expected to pass the Senate legislation Wednesday that would approve the pipeline and start transferring oil in western Canada to refineries on the Gulf Coast. President Barack Obama has threatened to veto the project on a number of grounds, including environmental concerns.
The oil and gas industry, which stands to benefit from the Keystone XL pipeline, gave $236,544 on average to thePicture3 senators who voted yes on Keystone, or about 10 times more than the senators who voted no. The 36 senators against the pipeline received about $22,882 apiece in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry. There was no data on contributions to House members.
The biggest recipient of oil largesse was Sen. Cornyn (R-TX), who took in over a million dollars for his “work”. Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND), who wrote the bill, was a distant second, with $275,998. And they played Joe Manchin (D-WV) for a sucker – though he was a freaking co-sponsor of the bill, he only received $200,000. Enjoy that money, jerk.
Kudos to the 36 Senators who stood firm against the pipeline. It’s kind of amazing that even they get tens of thousands of dollars from Big Oil – maybe just to give them a taste. This is what we are up against, folks – one step short of Boehner walking the halls of Congress, passing out checks.”

boehnersmkBy the way, the Boehner reference goes back to the time he got caught walking up and down the halls of congress handing out Tobacco company checks. Possibly buying a vote or two? The same guy who wants you to smoke wants to take away your health care??

What’s the answer to oil train crashes all over North America? Refinery explosions like the recent one in Torrance CA? Busted pipelines everywhere? Fracking earthquakes all over the USA? The ruin of millions of acres of land and habitat in Western Canada? The risk of catastrophe to the aquifers across the middle of our country? I’m sure I don’t have  the answers to all those questions but I’m willing to give some of them a try…


(1) Ford’s first Model T was built to run on hemp gasoline and THE CAR ITSELF WAS CONSTRUCTED FROMhenrysempcar HEMP! The car “grown from the soil” had hemp plastic panels whose impact strength was 10 times stronger than steel. (Popular Mechanics 1941)

(2) Growing and harvesting hemp has much less environmental impact than drilling for oil.

(3) Hemp fuel does not contribute to sulfur dioxide air poisoning.

(4) Noxious emissions are drastically slashed by using biodiesel rather than conventional fuels of today.

(5) Growing hemp for fuel and other industries would not only be a boon for agriculture in the USA, it’s multiple uses would be a boon to our economy and create millions of jobs all across the face of industry.

(6) Growing our oil and harnessing natural energy rather than drilling for it could greatly reduce global warming, reduce environmental impact such as land and water pollution and free our country from dependence on foreign energy sources.

(7) Residual damage all the way from the Exxon Valdez to the BP Oil Spill in the gulf and the complete lack of repair and restoration of the fishing industry and lifestyle of millions of people are simply more proof that we need to look at alternate methods of supplying our food and energy needs.

(8) Hemp fuel is biodegradable so oil spills become fertilizer not Eco-catastrophes.

hempagainObviously there are many more questions and many more answers that could be provided here. However, question number one in my mind and the minds of many others should be; What are our politicians doing for us? Have they become a hindrance rather than a help to the US taxpayer? In many ways I believe that’s true!

For a long time I have wondered out loud why, in this age of computers and instant communication, do we need politicians in Washington at all? It seems that politics has its own religion and that religion revolves around lobbyist money, big oil and petty one-ups-man-ship! Situations such as this, where politicians are obviously working for interests other than those of the voters who sent them to Washington, shines a light more directly on that question.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just make up our minds not to sell out!

Thanks and have a great week everybody.



John Stewart…We will miss You!!

truthpolitics4Some times in the middle of our hum drum daily lives, bombshells begin popping out of our TV screens on the evening news like fireworks on the 4th of July! This week’s blockbuster message is wrapped around one thing, John Stewart is retiring and going home.

This hits especially hard for me because most of the “news” on TV feels like it’s 99% BS and Stewart was one of the safe places I could go to hear something closer to the truth. Even though I knew the show was a “put-on,” it always felt closer to the real deal than most of the so-called “news” programming the networks try to feed you. There was always something Stewart did in his presentation of stories that made you realize what the real “meat” of the story was. It also made you realize what a complete waste of time and money 99% of the so called politicians are these days.

In other “news” headlines of the day, it was blasted through the TV universe that NBC TV Anchor, Brian Williams had been busted for inflating his own involvement in certain stories, got his ass caught and has to go to the penalty box for six months. That alone would have been the headline for the day but it didn’t come close to the blockbuster value of the Stewart story.

Other stories of the day that would have made headlines except for the fact that not very much impresses a jaded public any longer, is ttruthpolitics1he $100,000 per plate fund raiser Jeb Bush held to begin bankrolling his 2016 presidential run. He’s doing this of course, so that he can get out there and prove to one and all that he’s really one of us and he’s creating a bond with everyday working folks like you and me! Right?

What makes me feel worse about Stewart’s retirement isn’t that I begrudge him more time to relax with his family, it’s just that politics for the next couple of years during the run up to the Federal election is going to be an absolute circus with the same tribe of clowns who vowed to destroy this President in his first term finding out what real life is like now that the mantle of power is on the other foot!

Jeb’s $100,000 per plate dinner was just the start. I heard the Koch’s have pledged 889 million to the cause. I haven’t heard elect1any numbers coming from Sheldon Adelson, but you know it will be substantial, and their are plenty of others we don’t know about yet. What is the pie they want all to themselves? Probably the good old USA right? They want to buy an election so they can take over a country to rule and run their way! No doubt they’ll call it a democracy but you and I will have absolutely no say in the matter except to be the grunts who do the dirty work!

Of course they’ll cut little favors to those who help their cause. If Mitch McConnell brings in the Keystone Pipeline, no doubt he’ll wind up with his own island with staff and spa! John Boehner will have enough tan-in-a-can to last several lifetimes, and yet kids working in fast food joints still wont be able to get past $7.50 an hour! THAT’S WHAT THEY CALL DEMOCRACY!! John Stewart, we need you!

So…who do you nominate to be Stewart’s replacement?

No doubt, my choice for the job would be Amy Poehler. She’s an ex Saturday Night Live alumni. She’s co-hosted a number of things including the Golden Globes with Tina Fey so she’s definitely got the intelligence, street chops and personality for the gig. In my minds eye I can see her mentally sparring with “intellectuals” like Sarah Palin or reviewing the highs and lows of hog castration with Joni Ernst! I have to believe something that hilarious would be something I would definitely pay to see, and I would also have to believe that any politician (especially the self righteous, myopic, conservative types) who came on her show hoping to put her in her place better bring their lunch ‘cuz it might be a long day!

That’s this week’s slice of the Roddy pie. I need to take this time to say that my blogging is going to slow down a bit. I’ve got some recording to do and some song writing as well. Since there’s only 24 hours in a day, some things will have to shift a little. I’ll let you know.

Send me your comments and critiques! I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Have a great week everybody.




More Strange, Weird Stuff About Hemp

billboardWhen I was a kid growing up, I learned that if I wanted to know something about what the “big folks” were thinking, a good way to do it was to follow my Dad around the farm. Sometimes that was a pretty big job because we had a fair amount of land and Fred covered a lot of ground in a day. Also, you couldn’t follow too close because if he knew you were tagging along being a pest, you might not like the results when he got tired of you hanging around. There were plenty of times when it was worthwhile though, because my Dad talked to himself a lot and sometimes you could learn what was going on in his head if you just followed along…but not too close!

Besides being a damn good farmer, my Dad was a conservationist in his own way and preserving the land and enriching the soil naturally to achieve better crop yields were topics of great importance and interest to him. Industrial Hemp, (although Harry Anslinger lumped it together with Marijuana when he brought his case before Congress to have it outlawed in 1937) was still widely used in industry and agriculture and my father thought of it as a soil builder and resented the fact that “the damn government keeps trying to make it tougher on farmers to grow crops and make a living!”

Industrial Hemp, by it’s very nature is a weed, and depending on your geographic location, it grows like one ahempmilk3s well. It requires NO dangerous pesticides to flourish, and the number of product possibilities that open up using this plant are legendary. Please let me make the point here to all my old musician buddies, that although it is a member of the cannabis family, you will die of a hernia puffing on industrial hemp before you’ll ever catch a “buzz!”

I’ve read claims for years that this plant has 25,000 uses and usually I file those kind of claims in my normal private place for “things I”ll never look at again,” but imagine my surprise the other day when browsing the internet, I found a couple of Canadian guys in Quebec who are doing a nice job manufacturing guitars made from hemp!

Hemp clothing? No problem. Hemp seed, fuel, oils, milk and medicines? Yep, I understand that, but a hemp guitar? Now, you’re getting into my kind of serious territory! I’ve had a love affair with stringed musical instruments ever since I was old enough to figure out how to hold one but never dreamed of something like this! I’ve even gone so far as to track these guys down, and hopefully if I play my cards right, one of these days, I might even have a picture or two to  show the skeptics!

IGREWHEMPI know my enthusiasm for this product as a replacement for a thousand other man made ills, has to be getting old by now and that’s probably true. However, as a Grandfather with a couple of wonderful grand kids, I want them to be able to grow up as pollution free as possible, with clean air to breathe, GMO free food to eat, and pure, cold, clean, drinkable water straight out of the ground. Is that asking too much?

“Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”
– Thomas Jefferson, U.S.
President and Hemp Farmer

Those are the words of Mr. Thomas Jefferson, a man who knew a little something about preserving the environment and our land and he probably wouldn’t be a very happy camper today if he saw what large, multi billion dollar corporations are doing cooking the soil and killing everything in sight in the name of our dependency on OIL! That’s progress ??

The picture above is another of our past Presidents who also knew a thing or two about this product, farmed it, and would probably throw a righteous fit if he knew it was still declared an illegal product by our federal government!

I know my ongoing distrust of politicians has been stated repeatedly. I also believe in my heart of hearts that if repeal of hemp’s status came up before the Supreme Court today, it wouldn’t stand a chance. What’s holding it back? Would it be that huge, powerful, money interests want it that way? I’ll leave that up to you to figure out!

Please send me your comments and critiques. I’ll read them all and use them if I can.

Have a great week everybody!


Welcome to Glacier-LESS National Park folks!!

img_0041_stitchI know it looks kind of majestic and “rocky” but this is one of many gorgeous Glacier National Park mountain peaks stripped bare of it’s snow mantle because of global warming. This is the same global warming by the way, that is still held in full denial by many prominent politicians of the USA today.

Global warming is a man made phenomenon that each and every one of us has made a daily contribution to in our own small way. It doesn’t matter whether that way was driving to the 7-Eleven when we could have walked, or being part of some air choking industry that belches tons of air killing pollution into the atmosphere on a daily basis.

Some folks call it “progress” but progress sometimes has a price and that price is something we get to see every day in those as fragile as our senior citizens. Every time I visit a retirement community, one of the first things I get to see when walking in, is an oxygen apparatus of some sort that belongs to an older person. They wouldn’t be able to keep the proper amount of air in their lungs to breath otherwise and I’m not saying that this problem is 100% man made but we are surely a contributor. Just as our rivers, lakes and mountains need snow and clean air to thrive on, our older citizens require cleaner air to breath and that’s not going to happen by cutting down our forests and turning them into deserts in order to create more factories and sub-divisions filling the air with smoke and exhaust.

Before you get totally depressed, here’s a little something to think about. Almost a hundred years ago, there was a bright young man named Henry Ford who, as some of you know, had a little something to do with the mass creation of the automobile.

It’s kind of a double edged sword because the automobile today, is one of our worst polluters and in those days, pollution was unheard of. Henry was a brilliant man and a thinker, and one of the things that concerned him was how to make a car with body components that were stronger, lighter, grew out of the ground and could possibly be formed in a mold! The product he chose to work with, was ancolorado_fall_season-640x260 agricultural product which through politics and greed soon after became illegal to grow in our country. It’s name is HEMP. Don’t knock it folks! Hemp is being used today by manufacturers elsewhere in the world in some of the most expensive automobiles you can buy because it makes components lighter, stronger, and greatly improves performance over metal!

I don’t need to go into a long litany about the virtues of this plant. They have been well documented, and because of laws passed in 2014, hemp is now being grown as an industrial sperry-glaciercrop in Colorado. With any luck (and good supervision) we should soon be seeing it’s benefits throughout industry and society. Those benefits can be found in food, medicines, clothing, construction and a myriad of other applications. The list goes on and on and the only thing I don’t believe it can do is give our politicians a brain enema which will help them see the light! Then again, I don’t believe politicians can see the green of plants. The only green they recognize is money! Maybe that’s a little harsh but it’s certainly the impression I’m left with today!

What is laugh-out-loud funny is that even though many nay-Sayers condemn hemp as a despicable weed, consumers like you and I still go to “health food” stores to buy “healthy” products like hemp seed which is currently being grown in countries like Canada. What’s the deal? When it grows in Canada it’s healthy, but if we grow it here, it’s a horrible weed? Hopefully that changes relatively soon and we’ll be able to go to our local retail shops to buy home grown hemp seed, hemp clothing, hemp paper products etc.

I know I’m starting to sound like an endless rant and maybe I am, but we don’t need politicians to do our thinking. Let’s tell Mitch and the guys where to put their precious pipeline! We’ve got a solution to the oil problem growing right here in Colorado, and by the way Mitch, it’s non sulfuric, does not pollute, and we can grow a bunch of it! We can produce all the oil we need and clean up our air and environment at the same time! It sure would be nice to see people breathing easier and see snow on those mountain peaks in Glacier Park again!

Please send me your comments and critiques! I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Have a great week everybody!