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Want a Drink??

6483535_GFor those of you who have heard me raving my opposition to certain politicians who are more than willing to sell their souls to do the bidding of oil companies and big money backers related to oil companies, the SOTU fell right in line with my biggest fears.

To those who contribute heavily to the election campaigns of those politicians, the State of the Union program seemed to echo every fear I’ve ever had about oil, it’s ultimate cost, and why it greases the skids for some very greasy politicians.

What drives you crazy is that the cure to our energy shortage can be grown rather than drilled. It doesn’t require any pipelines or fracking, it wont poison any aquifers, and it does not pollute! It would be a cash crop for farmers, make us energy independent, and create permanent jobs for a hell of a lot more people than the pipeline that currently has McConnell’s hair on fire. The product that makes this possible is called HEMP, (which is now legal to grow in Colorado!) and politicians won’t even discuss it! Did you ever wonder why?

Democrats and Republicans alike, all professed support for the Keystone Pipeline even though a fresh spill of 50,000 gallons has been recorded in Glendive Montana from another pipeline company and oil has already been found 60 miles downstream. What boggles your mind is that all this is happening while we have ongoing cleanups in Mayflower Arkansas, Kalamazoo Michigan, and if we’re not careful, we’re going to have a mega monster on our hands that controls us the way the fossil fuel industry has Canada by the throat. What is evident, is that while politicians don’t want to discuss raising minimum wages, ask yourself why they want to keep us tied to old, expensive, obsolete technologies that drain what little bit of money we do have to spend. Pricing on wind and solar energy is getting more competitive every day but they hardly rate a mention? Who is tied to big oil and big money? That’s right! It’s the Politicians of the good old USA!

Last but not least was the response to the President’s speech by Republican Pig Castrationist in Chief, Joni Ernst!0d1d6c85a093ef016f8dbce29152bf8f-617x411

I take Joni at her word that she’s castrated a few hogs in her time, and that’s what she campaigned on. She did however, stand up in front of the camera, and tell those ten million good folks who are now signed up and receiving medical care through the Affordable Care Act that they are part of a FAILED? policy? Really? And you can prove that right? Joni...A Whopper Like That Takes Balls!! Just sayin…

Speaking of things that take balls. The New England Patriots are now being accused of playing their last game with the Colts while their balls were too soft! I don’t know what the punishment would be if self declared ball expert Joni Ernst, and football fans everywhere were to find out that someone had been tampering with New England’s balls. I imagine she should take it up with John Boehner, the sartorially well coiffed, and always “magically” tanned Republican speaker. Boehner could immediately schedule a trip to New England to meet with Bill Belichick and check his balls to make sure they weren’t too soft. If Belichick doesn’t want Boehner checking his balls, I suppose Boehner could always change the subject and offer him some nifty, up-to-the-minute, tanning tips!

foxnewsLast but not least on this week’s list of things that are driving me crazy, is the Cliven1announcement by the Mayor of Paris France that they are going to sue Fox News for misstating the facts about Muslims in last weeks terrorist story! Naawwwwwww!! Fox wouldn’t do that would they? Some folks believe that Fox News should go into full denial mode and enlist the services of their old pal, American rancher and accomplished freeloading expert, Cliven Bundy! That way, Fox can maintain those “lofty” reporting standards it claims to be famous for!

Cliven could offer several tips to the Mayor of Paris, like how he’s been grazing his cattle free, courtesy of Uncle Sam for the last twenty years or so. He might even be able to convince the Mayor of Paris, how France should get in on some of that free government grass as well! As some folks know, we’ve got some very special grass here in the USA and there’s no reason France shouldn’t be allowed to sample the merchandise! Kind of like Freedom Fries in reverse! Who cares if Hannity and O’Reilly don’t like it? You handle it Cliven!!

Send me your critiques and comments. I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Have a great week everybody!




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