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It’s the S.O.S at Peyton’s Place

PeytonpassSometimes, in conversation, a stranger will ask “How long have you lived in Denver?”

Wrong question. If he (or she) had asked “How long since the Broncos have won a Super Bowl in Denver,” they probably would have received their answer much sooner and no doubt with much more accuracy! Denver is a football town and as the Broncos go, so goes everything else in this city.

Depending on who you’re speaking to, a conversation may begin with, “How are you doing today” or something else reasonably pleasant, but invariably they’re going to end up with the day, the play, the wind conditions, the opponent, the temperature, the angle of the sun, and damn near anything else you can think of that will describe the moment, even the nanosecond when our savior, our quarterback, the man who was going to lead us to the land of the Super Bowl might have hurt himself and in doing so, cost us that return trip to the promised land.

To hell with conditions in our city. We don’t care about potholes or falling down bridges! We’ve got important stuff to think about and we wont pushed off course with mundane junk like schools, crime and street repair! Our destiny consists of loftier, higher causes like the draft, reconfiguring the offense, building a bullet proof defense, replacements needed at what position including the coaching staff etc.

This morning I had a doctor appointment. Usually, filling out the necessary paperwork takes almost as much time as3404_600 the actual visit with the doctor so I like to get there a little early. My doctor’s office is usually a pleasant place filled with the hum of activity, people speaking with the front desk staff, pleasant music in the background and all the normal activity you would expect.

This morning’s visit however, was a little different. Everything had kind of a quiet tension to it without much of anything being said and when I got up to the reception desk to check in, I made the mistake of asking the receptionist, (someone I’ve known a long time and a Bronco fan), what she thought of last Sunday’s game and suddenly all hell broke loose!

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than she and all the other ladies in the reception office lit that place up like it was the 4th of July! Saying they were fired up is putting it mildly. “Why didn’t they pull him?” echoed through the room like a battle cry. Every one is a football afficionado and they all had opinions on that game, the way Peyton played, the way the coaches coached (or didn’t) the lousy refereeing, and the horrible outcome of the season. The general consensus seemed to be,”Why are you coming in here with your silly assed little problems when the Denver Broncos need a new head coach?!”

I should have known better. Waves of guilt flooded over me as I slowly crawled back to my chair shrinking with every step. How could I possibly be concerned with my own health and welfare when the mighty Peyton, our white knight and saviour, the man who only wanted to bring us a Super Bowl (and a better Pizza) was probably on the trainers table down at Broncoland having his torn quad muscle worked on!

Every year when football season rolls around, the whole State of Colorado takes on a different personality. It reminds you of the Israelites (the Denver Broncos) waiting for Moses (played by Peyton) to lead them from Egypt (all the other cities in the NFL) to the promised land (the Super Bowl!) Besides, now that marijuana is Colorado legal, even that is kind of secondary and many of us couldn’t care less how we get there ’cause by the time the game rolls around, we simply know that it is our destiny and wish Peyton would hurry up and get ‘er done because the munchies have overtaken my body and I need a peanut butter sandwich….and some crunchy dill pickles…and some watermelon…and some pistachio ice cream…and…!

Please send me your comments and critiques! I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Have a great week everybody!





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