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Made Your Picks Yet?

images5So here we are. Yep, it’s 2015. A brand new year filled with dreams, schemes, hopes and resolutions we’re all going to try our best to fulfill. We resign ourselves to our failures and vow to expand on the successes we had, just to see if we can’t actually grow them a little.

That goes double if you’re a politician.

I believe politicians’ standards change like the weather depending on if they’re already in office or if they’re running like crazy trying to push the other person out of that seat so that they can slide into it!

It’s a funny thing with politicians. Sometimes, after they actually win an election, a transformation takes place. They begin to believe all those headlines written about them and pretty soon they’re full of the idea that they’re gold plated and untouchable. Such was the case with the governor of Virginia recently who began accepting gifts for services and pretty soon found himself in front of a judge with a potential of a few years in the crowbar hotel staring him in the face! I wonder if he’d like to change his pick?

As in all things, I don’t believe there are any victories ever won by a large margin that don’t have an equal index5impact on the other side by an equally large margin. Lessons are there for both sides and all we have to do is take ourselves a little less seriously and look at the lessons for what they really are. I imagine if Allison Grimes had it to do all over again, she’d  probably take a more diplomatic way of picking which political party she belonged to, admitting whether she voted for the guy in the White House or not, and actually let people know who and what she stood for! Given the way things turned out for her, I wonder if she’d like to change her pick?

Again, with all things political having repercusive qualities, many things social also have a tendency to cause the same type of reaction. The Law and order establishment in Ferguson Missouri still has “unsettled” scars and a “social unrest”quality to it that tells you things there are not fully resolved. That same feeling permeates the air in New York, Sanford Florida, Cleveland Ohio and other cities where racial tensions and “unsettled business” hang in the air like a storm cloud and each one of those situations remain hovering and unsolved like ugly ghosts. Even more recently at swearing in ceremonies and at police funerals, the police force of New York city has decided it has no respect for the new mayor of New York and to display their feelings, the force turns their back on him at every public opportunity. A good police force putting private business between them and their boss out in public like that means something’s not right and you might want to rethink your decision before something chaotic happens. Careful about the path you pick. Sometimes you can’t change it!

So, now that it’s a brand new year with a republican house and senate and an election coming up, why don’t we make some picks together to see how we do? If you like, take a loose page, date it, put your own picks on it and stash it away for a year before taking it back out to see how good a prognosticator you are! Make sure your picks are also things that are important to you personally. That way you’ll have something of yourself invested in this little project. Ready? Here’s some sample questions.

Will the Keystone XL pipeline project pass this year?                           Yes            No

Will the stock market hit 20,000 this year?                                             Yes            No

Will OBAMACARE be repealed?                                                                 Yes            No

Is recreational marijuana here to stay?                                                      Yes           No

Will the Broncos win the Super Bowl?                                                       Yes            No

Send me your comments and critiques. I’ll certainly read them all and use them if I can.

Happy New Year!



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