Want a Drink??

6483535_GFor those of you who have heard me raving my opposition to certain politicians who are more than willing to sell their souls to do the bidding of oil companies and big money backers related to oil companies, the SOTU fell right in line with my biggest fears.

To those who contribute heavily to the election campaigns of those politicians, the State of the Union program seemed to echo every fear I’ve ever had about oil, it’s ultimate cost, and why it greases the skids for some very greasy politicians.

What drives you crazy is that the cure to our energy shortage can be grown rather than drilled. It doesn’t require any pipelines or fracking, it wont poison any aquifers, and it does not pollute! It would be a cash crop for farmers, make us energy independent, and create permanent jobs for a hell of a lot more people than the pipeline that currently has McConnell’s hair on fire. The product that makes this possible is called HEMP, (which is now legal to grow in Colorado!) and politicians won’t even discuss it! Did you ever wonder why?

Democrats and Republicans alike, all professed support for the Keystone Pipeline even though a fresh spill of 50,000 gallons has been recorded in Glendive Montana from another pipeline company and oil has already been found 60 miles downstream. What boggles your mind is that all this is happening while we have ongoing cleanups in Mayflower Arkansas, Kalamazoo Michigan, and if we’re not careful, we’re going to have a mega monster on our hands that controls us the way the fossil fuel industry has Canada by the throat. What is evident, is that while politicians don’t want to discuss raising minimum wages, ask yourself why they want to keep us tied to old, expensive, obsolete technologies that drain what little bit of money we do have to spend. Pricing on wind and solar energy is getting more competitive every day but they hardly rate a mention? Who is tied to big oil and big money? That’s right! It’s the Politicians of the good old USA!

Last but not least was the response to the President’s speech by Republican Pig Castrationist in Chief, Joni Ernst!0d1d6c85a093ef016f8dbce29152bf8f-617x411

I take Joni at her word that she’s castrated a few hogs in her time, and that’s what she campaigned on. She did however, stand up in front of the camera, and tell those ten million good folks who are now signed up and receiving medical care through the Affordable Care Act that they are part of a FAILED? policy? Really? And you can prove that right? Joni...A Whopper Like That Takes Balls!! Just sayin…

Speaking of things that take balls. The New England Patriots are now being accused of playing their last game with the Colts while their balls were too soft! I don’t know what the punishment would be if self declared ball expert Joni Ernst, and football fans everywhere were to find out that someone had been tampering with New England’s balls. I imagine she should take it up with John Boehner, the sartorially well coiffed, and always “magically” tanned Republican speaker. Boehner could immediately schedule a trip to New England to meet with Bill Belichick and check his balls to make sure they weren’t too soft. If Belichick doesn’t want Boehner checking his balls, I suppose Boehner could always change the subject and offer him some nifty, up-to-the-minute, tanning tips!

foxnewsLast but not least on this week’s list of things that are driving me crazy, is the Cliven1announcement by the Mayor of Paris France that they are going to sue Fox News for misstating the facts about Muslims in last weeks terrorist story! Naawwwwwww!! Fox wouldn’t do that would they? Some folks believe that Fox News should go into full denial mode and enlist the services of their old pal, American rancher and accomplished freeloading expert, Cliven Bundy! That way, Fox can maintain those “lofty” reporting standards it claims to be famous for!

Cliven could offer several tips to the Mayor of Paris, like how he’s been grazing his cattle free, courtesy of Uncle Sam for the last twenty years or so. He might even be able to convince the Mayor of Paris, how France should get in on some of that free government grass as well! As some folks know, we’ve got some very special grass here in the USA and there’s no reason France shouldn’t be allowed to sample the merchandise! Kind of like Freedom Fries in reverse! Who cares if Hannity and O’Reilly don’t like it? You handle it Cliven!!

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Have a great week everybody!




It’s the S.O.S at Peyton’s Place

PeytonpassSometimes, in conversation, a stranger will ask “How long have you lived in Denver?”

Wrong question. If he (or she) had asked “How long since the Broncos have won a Super Bowl in Denver,” they probably would have received their answer much sooner and no doubt with much more accuracy! Denver is a football town and as the Broncos go, so goes everything else in this city.

Depending on who you’re speaking to, a conversation may begin with, “How are you doing today” or something else reasonably pleasant, but invariably they’re going to end up with the day, the play, the wind conditions, the opponent, the temperature, the angle of the sun, and damn near anything else you can think of that will describe the moment, even the nanosecond when our savior, our quarterback, the man who was going to lead us to the land of the Super Bowl might have hurt himself and in doing so, cost us that return trip to the promised land.

To hell with conditions in our city. We don’t care about potholes or falling down bridges! We’ve got important stuff to think about and we wont pushed off course with mundane junk like schools, crime and street repair! Our destiny consists of loftier, higher causes like the draft, reconfiguring the offense, building a bullet proof defense, replacements needed at what position including the coaching staff etc.

This morning I had a doctor appointment. Usually, filling out the necessary paperwork takes almost as much time as3404_600 the actual visit with the doctor so I like to get there a little early. My doctor’s office is usually a pleasant place filled with the hum of activity, people speaking with the front desk staff, pleasant music in the background and all the normal activity you would expect.

This morning’s visit however, was a little different. Everything had kind of a quiet tension to it without much of anything being said and when I got up to the reception desk to check in, I made the mistake of asking the receptionist, (someone I’ve known a long time and a Bronco fan), what she thought of last Sunday’s game and suddenly all hell broke loose!

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than she and all the other ladies in the reception office lit that place up like it was the 4th of July! Saying they were fired up is putting it mildly. “Why didn’t they pull him?” echoed through the room like a battle cry. Every one is a football afficionado and they all had opinions on that game, the way Peyton played, the way the coaches coached (or didn’t) the lousy refereeing, and the horrible outcome of the season. The general consensus seemed to be,”Why are you coming in here with your silly assed little problems when the Denver Broncos need a new head coach?!”

I should have known better. Waves of guilt flooded over me as I slowly crawled back to my chair shrinking with every step. How could I possibly be concerned with my own health and welfare when the mighty Peyton, our white knight and saviour, the man who only wanted to bring us a Super Bowl (and a better Pizza) was probably on the trainers table down at Broncoland having his torn quad muscle worked on!

Every year when football season rolls around, the whole State of Colorado takes on a different personality. It reminds you of the Israelites (the Denver Broncos) waiting for Moses (played by Peyton) to lead them from Egypt (all the other cities in the NFL) to the promised land (the Super Bowl!) Besides, now that marijuana is Colorado legal, even that is kind of secondary and many of us couldn’t care less how we get there ’cause by the time the game rolls around, we simply know that it is our destiny and wish Peyton would hurry up and get ‘er done because the munchies have overtaken my body and I need a peanut butter sandwich….and some crunchy dill pickles…and some watermelon…and some pistachio ice cream…and…!

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And The Beat Goes On…

tsdisasterSometimes, it’s incredible to me to see how our main governing bodies, the Congress and the Senate seem to want to operate not as governing bodies representing the people but as pimps-for-rent, selling their services to those who will put the most money in their pockets and to hell with the people they are hoping to represent.

During the run-up to our most recent election and even after the election, I kept wondering why Mitch McConnell was so adamant about pitching the Keystone Pipeline to the President as the Republican number one priority? After all, Keystone wasn’t being proposed to benefit the US taxpayer, it was simply a convenient method of moving some very dangerous, poisonous, sulfuric crude oil from Canada, across our nation (with all the attendant risks) to refineries in Houston and from there, to offshore shipping points God knows where.

It turns out that one of the largest lobbying contributors to the Keystone cause is not Exxon-Mobil or Chevron, it’s non other than Republican’s best Sugar Daddy during this last election cycle, the Koch brothers! It tuDirtyoilrns out that Koch industries holds leases on about 1.1 million acres of land in northern Alberta, Canada. That’s an area about the size of the state of Delaware and it means that the Koch empire can drill, cook the Canadian soil, kill the wildlife, the habitat, possibly damage the aquifers and fill the air with greenhouse gases and if Keystone passes, ship that crap all around the world while Mitch and his buddies in Washington hide behind their hands, look the other way and say, “pollution, what pollution?” “We’re not contributing to global warming, that’s Canada’s problem!”

There is also another scenario.

Although Koch has a shipping hub near Hardisty Alberta, so do many other major producers and since, at this time, it has no direct pipeline out of Canada into the USA, their philosophy as well as the other major producers would be, that since it’s a lot cheaper to ship oil in a pipe rather than on a rail car, the more the merrier. They and the other producers could increase profits greatly by a whole latice work of pipelines across our land and because it all originates on foreign soil, (Canada) pinning the blame on any one company for oil spills, line breaks or any other disaster would be almost impossible to pin down on any one company. The Enbridge (a Canadian pipeline company) pipeline break in Kalamazoo Michigan in 2010 is still one of the costliest we’ve ever had, and here we are five years down the road and it’s not solved yet! Meanwhile, our politicians will be able to look you straight in the eye and say “Keystone Pipeline is a clean industry!” It appears to me that with the amount of players in this game, there’s strength in numbers and this whole thing is going to turn into a gigantic game of whack-a-mole which the USA tax payer can never win.

So what’s the answer? For the Canadian natives who have had their habitat ruined and their whole way of life destroyed in this oil rush, I don’t have an answer. It doesn’t seem that their welfare rates very high on Canada’s priority list but where they will end up in matters like this whole twisted mess, I am simply an interested bystander and have no way of knowing the outcome.

For the US taxpayer the only answer I see is wind and solar energy and voting your family’s future at the ballot box.

We simply must be more aggressive and vigilant when picking those we want to represent us in Washington. Not only at election time but all the other times in between. We may not have the money the Koch brothers have, but we do have much greater numbers and many more votes. Our only other salvation is if the price of oil per barrel gets cheap enough to where there’s no profit left in it and that would be a temporary fix at best.

Let’s stay vigilant everybody!

Please send your comments and critiques. I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Thanks and have a great week.


Made Your Picks Yet?

images5So here we are. Yep, it’s 2015. A brand new year filled with dreams, schemes, hopes and resolutions we’re all going to try our best to fulfill. We resign ourselves to our failures and vow to expand on the successes we had, just to see if we can’t actually grow them a little.

That goes double if you’re a politician.

I believe politicians’ standards change like the weather depending on if they’re already in office or if they’re running like crazy trying to push the other person out of that seat so that they can slide into it!

It’s a funny thing with politicians. Sometimes, after they actually win an election, a transformation takes place. They begin to believe all those headlines written about them and pretty soon they’re full of the idea that they’re gold plated and untouchable. Such was the case with the governor of Virginia recently who began accepting gifts for services and pretty soon found himself in front of a judge with a potential of a few years in the crowbar hotel staring him in the face! I wonder if he’d like to change his pick?

As in all things, I don’t believe there are any victories ever won by a large margin that don’t have an equal index5impact on the other side by an equally large margin. Lessons are there for both sides and all we have to do is take ourselves a little less seriously and look at the lessons for what they really are. I imagine if Allison Grimes had it to do all over again, she’d  probably take a more diplomatic way of picking which political party she belonged to, admitting whether she voted for the guy in the White House or not, and actually let people know who and what she stood for! Given the way things turned out for her, I wonder if she’d like to change her pick?

Again, with all things political having repercusive qualities, many things social also have a tendency to cause the same type of reaction. The Law and order establishment in Ferguson Missouri still has “unsettled” scars and a “social unrest”quality to it that tells you things there are not fully resolved. That same feeling permeates the air in New York, Sanford Florida, Cleveland Ohio and other cities where racial tensions and “unsettled business” hang in the air like a storm cloud and each one of those situations remain hovering and unsolved like ugly ghosts. Even more recently at swearing in ceremonies and at police funerals, the police force of New York city has decided it has no respect for the new mayor of New York and to display their feelings, the force turns their back on him at every public opportunity. A good police force putting private business between them and their boss out in public like that means something’s not right and you might want to rethink your decision before something chaotic happens. Careful about the path you pick. Sometimes you can’t change it!

So, now that it’s a brand new year with a republican house and senate and an election coming up, why don’t we make some picks together to see how we do? If you like, take a loose page, date it, put your own picks on it and stash it away for a year before taking it back out to see how good a prognosticator you are! Make sure your picks are also things that are important to you personally. That way you’ll have something of yourself invested in this little project. Ready? Here’s some sample questions.

Will the Keystone XL pipeline project pass this year?                           Yes            No

Will the stock market hit 20,000 this year?                                             Yes            No

Will OBAMACARE be repealed?                                                                 Yes            No

Is recreational marijuana here to stay?                                                      Yes           No

Will the Broncos win the Super Bowl?                                                       Yes            No

Send me your comments and critiques. I’ll certainly read them all and use them if I can.

Happy New Year!