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Time to Open Your Christmas Presents!!

The Interview Seth Rogen James Franco

Christmas present number one. The Movie

Picture it folks. It’s Christmastime, folks are running about, gathering their families, buying gifts, getting ready for the biggest holiday of the year and prepping for just about anything but a spoof movie that deals with a fake interview/assassination plot on the weird little leader of a weird little far away country that most people don’t bother to take very seriously one way or the other.

No one at the studio seems to know how they’re going to get the word out and market this thing so…some marketing genius decides to do a spoof story about how the weird little country is threatening to do dire things to our big country if we actually show this puppy to movie goers across the country on Christmas day.

The story “gets legs” and soon, every news outlet in the USA is carrying it, spending valuable air time talking about the threat to a major movie maker (Sony) and the implied threat to USA movie goers. Hacking stories are everywhere and soon, what was probably just a joe average little spoof movie has received a billion dollars worth of free promotion and raised a moral “free speech” question in the minds of movie goers everywhere. Online rentals are up. Small independent movie houses across the USA open it to multiple showings on Christmas day, and before you know it, the little spoof movie that probably wasn’t going anywhere, is making money by the truckload and becomes one of the most watched, epic films of 2014!

Sounds too crazy to be true? Maybe, but what if it isn’t? What if the whole thing is a magical brainstorm dreamed up by some kid fresh out of college who is trying to impress his bosses that he actually knows how to come up with a unique and novel marketing idea to push an “also-ran” movie product into the “blockbuster” category? I don’t imagine James Franco and Seth Rogen really give a damn one way or the other. They’re probably happy enough just knowing they’re part of one of the most uniquely marketed movies of 2014! Merry Christmas!

Christmas present number two. Keeping Colorado Green.542237_10151364921141007_1767857415_n

So, what is it that keeps Colorado so green? Is it the beautiful climate? No. Is it the fresh mountain air? No. Is it that wonderful magic moisture flowing down from the mountains? No. It’s a little green plant that’s almost the same color as money and they call it Marijuana!

I still don’t quite know how we did it, but a year ago, much to the consternation of the religious right and conservative politicians all over our state, Colorado opened it’s doors to recreational marijuana and nothing’s been the same since! Naturally, there are all the attendant problems that come with an industry that’s growing like a bad weed (no pun intended) and is being inundated with every conceivable problem and regulation any state or civic group can possibly come up with.

What is complicating the recreational marijuana issue is not just a supply of good smokeable weed, it’s a new twist on an old tune and they call it “edibles.”

Edible marijuana is the new SBD (silent but deadly) and fast becoming the preferred version of this plant that is now taking over Colorado like a prairie fire. Back in the old days, if you dared slip outside to “sample the goods,” pretty soon everyone within fifteen feet of you knew exactly what you were doing because you smelled like a pot factory! With “edibles,” the smell problem might be gone but rest assured there are still a barrage of hurdles and regulatory hoops the manufacturers have to jump through to remain compliant according to State rules. The State on the other hand is getting up bright and early every day dreaming up new rules and regulations in order to keep their fingers wrapped tightly around the throats of the producers to make sure they are bleeding the proper amounts of cash into the state coffers to keep the legislative wheels properly greased.

On and on it goes. As we come to the conclusion of 2014, lets say congratulations to the courageous entrepreneurs of Colorado who had the guts and foresight to legalize this little plant. They showed the world the potential for a mega industry in our state and the greenness of the upside. That’s a hell of a lot better than giving in to the doom and gloom of the conservative “reefer madness” crowd, and the darkness of defeat. So…keep on keepin’ it green folks! Merry Christmas Colorado!

Send me your comments and critiques. I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Have a great week everybody!



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