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CheneyThis week, almost from the moment Diane Feinstein took the podium to read aloud the findings of the CIA Torture Report on “enhanced interrogation techniques,” lobbyists, politicians and Republicans everywhere began screaming from every corner about the hatchet job being done on some of America’s highest standing politicians and even the core values of the good old USA itself.

Torture is a word that conjures horrible pictures in your mind and “We don’t torture” has been the mantra of those individuals most involved in the cases Ms. Feinstein read about in her report. Chief amongst the people being looked at most closely in all this, is non other than ex President George W. Bush and his erstwhile Vice President, Mr. Dick Cheney.

Even though it’s been said that Bush is the one responsible for signing off on the EIT’s, frankly I’m not convinced that he possessed the intellectual curiosity to know what they really were. In the whole President/Vice President relationship, it always seemed to me that Bush was Pinocchio to Cheney’s Geppetto and was only useful to Cheney when it was necessary to stand behind the podium and convey a message to “the people.” One thing you must admit, they did have him looking good prancing around the deck of that aircraft carrier with the “Mission Accomplished” banner on it when we declared victory over Iraq!

I think it’s probably safe to say that Diane Feinstein won’t be on the Cheney family Christmas card list this year, but I’m also inclined to believe that she couldn’t possibly care less! Cheney has a knack for the unusual so Feinstein won’t be the biggest problem he’s ever faced! Memories roll in of when he was in office and created an energy policy behind closed doors, turned the Enron guys loose on California, and in a very short period of time, had that state on it’s knees, on the edge of bankruptcy, begging for mercy!                                                                                                                                             10537735_665890526837338_9149993080934533626_n

Everywhere he’s ever gone, confusion and chaos follows Cheney like a cloud. Long before the USA invaded Iraq, a story floated around that the oil giants were lining up to divide the huge oil deposits of Saddam’s country into specific areas to see who was going to get what portion of the spoils and Cheney was in the thick of it. So was Iraq really just about OIL? You’ll have to ask Cheney and Bush and your ears might turn a little red with the answer you get!

It’s no secret that the Bush administration did everything it possibly could to tie Saddam to the 9/11 attacks which would make him and his oil rich country complicit and a juicy target when it came time for the invasion. Remember WMD’s? I’ll bet Colin Powell is still pissed off about that one! It’s also no secret that Iraq was home to some of the largest military prisons where the “EIT’s” took place and some of the most horrendous sins against humanity occurred. To see the “whitewash” playing out on our TV screens on the six o’clock news, it’s doubtful that any US officials will ever pay a price for these acts and some of the greatest travesties of our time will go unpunished. Remember the Geneva Convention? Perhaps all of us who claim something like “waterboarding” isn’t torture, should go back and read what Geneva has to say. That way, next time we’re dumb enough to get into something like this, and have to answer for our sins, we’ll know who to send over there in handcuffs first!

DISTORTION.JPGOne thing is for sure. The public relations stakes in this whole mess could not be any higher. Everybody knows that if it can be proven that laws against humanity were broken and the USA is the culprit, our standing with all other major countries of the world is in deep jeopardy and someone is going to the crowbar hotel for an extended stay and that someone is definitely not a little peon like you or me.

So much for my political meandering about the sins of our former government and the players within who liked to walk on the shady side of the truth when it came to saying things like, “We don’t torture!”

Please send me your comments and critiques. I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday everybody!



One thought on “DID TOO!..DID NOT!..DID TOO!..DID NOT!……

  1. And then we wonder why Isis and
    Al Quida and any other terrorist organization or enemy would treat their prisoners by beheading or whatever else. If we are going to play dirty we shouldn’t complain when they play dirty back. Yeah but, they are meaner than we are… okay, but not as sneaky. They murder, not just torture… yes, but they don’t lie about it. When will we demand accountability from the politicians that have been bought to make these decisions? Who ever thought the good old USA would be the bad guys. Good Lord, I miss Harry Truman.

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