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They’re At It Again!!

elect2Prior to the midterm elections a few days ago, any discussion of the Keystone Pipeline had calmed down to a mere mumble and grumble of some disgruntled conservatives who were saying “If Obama goes over our heads on this one, we should impeach him! That’s not the only thing they’d like to impeach him for, hell, if he goes to the bathroom and forgets to wash his hands, they’ll want to impeach him!

Then we had the midterms where all the Democrats ran for the hills with the opening bell and the inevitable bloodbath followed. Soon, the ground was covered with Democratic scalps as Republicans gained even more seats in the house and the surrendering Democrats threw in the Senate as an added bonus prize. Not only for scaring the crap out of them, but still allowing them to come to the Capitol and stand around looking as though the “D” behind their names actually meant something.

Even though it’s a brand new day in Republicanville, the agenda is pretty much the same. Keystone Pipeline or repeal Obamacare, take your pick. McConnell and his cronies continue the lie about energy independence without giving a damn about pollution or the environment and saying Keystone will create thousands of jobs. What he doesoilpipebreakn’t say is that those jobs are for the construction phase only. Once that pipe is laid in the ground, everything else disappears and all that’s left is a handful of maintenance jobs and a huge scar across our land as a reminder that we are carrying the most highly toxic, highly sulfuric, goop ever to come out of the Canadian Tar Sands down to Houston to be refined. Energy independence has nothing to do with it. Once that crude is refined into something salable, it will be marketed to offshore countries who have no environmental laws to protect them and all we’ll get is Boehner’s one finger salute! Not one drop of that oil is for our consumption! The way prices are coming down, the market may be gone by the time it gets built, and we’ll be stuck with another useless eyesore of absolutely no value!

Ask yourself this. Who is making the money or stands to benefit from this deal? Who’s getting paid? Is it the everyday working folks of the USA? Hell no! Is it the government? We don’t know. Is it the politicians? We don’t know. Do you think politicians stand to profit for making this happen? If they’re not, they’re pushing awfully hard for no reason and I’ve never known a politician yet who would do anything that didn’t stand to profit them one way or anther! Alberta has been averaging two spills per day of one type or another¬†every day for the last 37 years! Anyone who thinks that this pipeline will be problem free is smoking some stuff that definitely should not be allowed!

I’ll touch on the Obamacare repeal another day. Right now, what has me interested is the mining industry. Mining, whether it’s for coal or anything else, is big, dangerous, and heavily subsidized in states like Kentucky and West Virginia. The fact that countries like Germany have largely said goodbye to it and moved on to renewable energies to power their country, tells us where the quest for energy is heading and leaves the USA which is politically mired in old obsolete industries, wistfully looking on. In order to make mining more palatable to the public, we’ve gone to practices like chopping the tops off mountains, ripping up the earth for the coal, polluted the rivers and lakes and when we’re finished, asked the government for additional billions to make it look all nice and green again.

This week, President Obama made a trip to China and it’s pretty revealing that the air in Beijing China is so polluted that for the sake of appearances, they had to shut major industries down during his visit. It was a nice surprise that these two men actually formed an agreement to reduce pollution and clean up the environment. It’s a little late to hope that either John Boehner or Mitch McConnell will ever have an epiphany which would cause them to move away from polluting, antiquated industries that cost our country billions and make us non-competitive in world markets, but sometimes miracles happen.

Please send your comments and critiques. I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Thanks and have a great week everybody.



One thought on “They’re At It Again!!

  1. Nothing will change until we vote every incumbent out of office and either create a third party to challenge the status quo or buy into Libertarianism. All we like sheep have gone astray and the shepherds elected to take care of us seem happy that we haven’t come home to vote them out,

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