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Spring Ahead – Fall Back!

daysav2So here we go again, one of my least favorite weekends of the whole year! Yep, it’s that time when we turn our clocks back one hour so that we can sit in the dark half the time and freeze the other half! I suppose I ought to be grateful that all things considered, there will be a spring to pray for, but unless you’re someone who likes rolling around in the snow (which I’m not,) wintertime is one slow, cold, freezing, plodding day after day followed by Valentines, followed by income tax day, followed by Easter, and then VOILA! SPRINGTIME AGAIN!

Who invented daylight saving time? Does anyone really know? I heard once that daylight saving time was some kind of a government device they came up with so that farmers would have more time between sunup and sundown to do their endless chores. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but as someone who was raised a farm kid, it should tell you a little something about farming as an occupation!

In addition to all my doom and gloom, as though we didn’t need another reminder that we’re looking at a good many short days and long nights before we can wear thongs and cutoffs again, we’re also up against my other least favorite time of year, midterm elections.

Somehow, I’ve always felt that midterm elections are something of a second chance for loser politicians although you’d never know it by the obscene amount of money being spent on TV ads. To me, it’s kind of a consolation prize for those who couldn’t cut it the first time to get a second shot at the brass ring! That would seem to be obvious since politicians, once they’ve been elected, spend a great deal of their time trying to keep us in the dark while they go about the business of collecting their own personal trophies and trying to get themselves re-elected! It kind of reminds you of someone going to the drag races and asking for a hundred yard free head start!

daysav3Next on my list of personal political peeves is the seemingly endless war on women and women’s health issues. Let us not forget that this is a country that still pays women .87 cents on average for every dollar a man makes and let us also not forget that these same women are the ones who almost without exception, do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, food shopping, child raising and almost everything else around the house of any importance including getting his fat behind up, fed, and off to work in the morning! I would submit that if a woman is smart enough to handle everything else it takes to make your house run smoothly and do it all while being treated like a second class citizen, then she’s damn sure smart enough to know what’s best for her when it comes to personal health and family planning issues. That should be reason enough to elect a WOMAN PRESIDENT in 2016. SO MR. POLITICIAN, THANK YOU VERY MUCH and KINDLY BUTT OUT!

Elections, especially midterm elections always seem to have a “Wizard of Oz” quality to them that I can never quite shake off. From what I’ve seen on TV and read, the current governor of Florida has invested well over 25 million of his own personal wealth in order to come out on top in this campaign. There’s a reason this money is being spent and I don’t believe it’s economic stimulation! Think about it folks. That’s twenty five million dollars spent in order to buy a job that pays lots of grief and $130,000 per year! Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Kind of makes you wonder who or what is hiding behind the curtain doesn’t it? It also makes you wonder if he wins, what’s coming next?

Enough said. If you haven’t done it already, get out and vote and while you’re at it say a prayer for a little sanity. It’s a long time ’til spring!

Send me your critiques and comments. I’ll be sure to read them and use them if I can.

Have a great week everybody!










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