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Sex Lies and Politics…Strange Bedfellows?

sexandpol1As we draw closer to the upcoming mid-term elections, we are all forced to take a little private time to look more closely at the candidates to see who might end up making the “cut” this year and who we might end up tossing in the proverbial recycle bin. One thing is for sure, most candidates are like you and me, no more, no less. Their lives, (with the exception of the lady who wants to castrate somebody), after a little tweaking here and there, are pretty much just like ours. Within limits we fill them with all the usual stuff, the quest for power, sex, money, drugs, and maybe if you happen to be musically inclined, rock and roll. It’s the kind of fabric our American quilt is made of, and without it, the TV preachers wouldn’t have anything to talk about on Sunday morning!

Of all the personal aphrodisiacs, I believe power has to come in at number one. With power comes everything else, and whether sex is your motivator or not (it wasn’t Richard Nixon’s) power and the advantages that power brings, are probably tops on most politicians’ lists. The big money handlers who spend millions of dollars know this as well, and so they have no trouble getting the checkbook out when time to buy a candidate comes along. The bottom line in all this is that just like prostitutes, most politicians have a price. Finding out what that is, simply takes a little time and negotiation.

sexandpol2With money and power, do you believe that a magnet like sex can be far behind? Not usually! It’s been the same since Fanny Foxe went skinny dipping in the Tidal Basin with Wilbur Mills back in the seventies and it’s the same today. Mark Sanford, Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, the Kennedy’s, Scott Vitter, Gary Hart, Anthony Weiner, and let’s not forget the kissing congressman! I’m sure I’m leaving out a lot more but my memory can only hold so much! Scott Brown posing naked for Cosmo doesn’t doesn’t do much for me but he probably gave some ladies a little thrill! The political list goes on and on, as does the list of ladies who like to hang around with these guys and the more it changes, the more it stays the same!

Topping off the list of politicians with large libidos would have to be the Kennedy brothers. No where else but in US history has a lady ever been known to have dated the President of the USA and the head of the Mafia at the same time! There we were, with the peace of the free world hanging by a thread and two of the most powerful men in our country were competing for the affections of the same lady! I’m sure there’s a country song in there somewhere!

So…OK genius…if you’re so smart, what’s your solution to this problem?
Simple. One word…SENIORS!!
It was not our senior population who took…
the melody out of songs and put in rap,
the pride out of the way you dress and hung your pants off your kneecaps,
the courtesy out of driving and turned it into a demolition derby,
the romance out of love and turned it into a swap meet,
the responsibility out of parenting and left too many kids homeless,
the learning out of education so you wouldn’t have to study
Do you think the kissing congressman would have been caught putting a lip lock on someone old enough to be his Grandmother? Do you think Mark Sandford would have skeedaddled up the Appalachian trail to fly off to a rendesvous with an 85 year old on a walker? Do you think any of those twits on the Supreme Court are going to argue with your Grandma when it comes to taking the facts out of text books, re-writing history, and re-doing education? Not hardly!
Those are only a small sample of things that we could sweep up and clean up if we put SENIORS in charge of politics! Remember… you heard it here first folks! ALL AROUND SENIORS AT YOUR SERVICE!
Send me your comments and critiques. I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.
Thanks and have a great week everybody!



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