A couple of wGoogle3eeks ago, I was entertaining at a Retirement Community and as usual having a little fun with the residents by asking trivia questions. I always preface everything by offering fictitious extra desserts if they guess the right answer and it’s no surprise that some of the resident ladies are pretty sharp. The one that recently caught me off guard was how quickly I got a correct answer to, “who wrote God Bless America?” It was Irving Berlin, and when I asked the lady how she knew the answer so quickly, the young lady sitting beside her said “we asked Google.” Sure enough, she showed me her tecky little cell phone, where you can speak into the Google microphone, ask your question and there on the screen was a picture of the man himself, the song he wrote, and when he wrote it!

To say that I am NOT a technology whiz is putting it mildly, but a few days later I was replacing my old cell phone with one of the newer “touch” models and, once I got it home, I couldn’t wait to see if I had the same bells and whistles as the high tech young lady I’d met the other day. Sure enough, once I fired it up, there was the blue Google icon with the big G in the middle and there was my reference source for a whole library worth of all the stuff I’ll ever need to write about in the future!

Question; How does the US stand in comparison to Germany in power supplied by renewable energy?
Answer; Recently Germany supplied nearly 74% of its midday electrical consumption from renewable energy. It is almost embarrassing to say where the US stands in comparison, (my answer) but suffice it to say that if things continue on this course, it won’t be long before we’ll be cursing the Germans for being able to sell products in our marketplace cheaper than we can make them!

Question; Someone recently asked Willie Nelson how much marijuana he smoked?Willie1
Answer; “As much as I want to!” he replied.


Question; Do you believe that our societal system is rigged against minorities to the degree that society in general has degraded to the level where police in municipalities have replaced “Serve and Protect” with “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later”?
Answer; If you put an imaginary gun in your hand and imagine you’re pointing it at a person and pull the imaginary trigger 17 times, see how long it takes before a voice inside your head says, “This is ridiculous!” You should have the answer to your question.

Question; If you’re a big time Republican Senator from Kentucky seeking re-election, do you think you should be talking about repealing Obamacare? After all, there are now half a million Kentucky citizens who are happily signed up for that program. They’ve re-named it KYNECT and now they love it! Don’t you believe repeal might be a little risky Senator?
Answer; Only time will tell, but somewhere deep inside the recesses of the White House, a guy named Obama who just happens to be the current president of the USA and the same guy who filled the ultimate inside straight and came up with this thing called Obamacare, is laughing his ass off!

Question; Do you believe that some day in the near future, students wont have to take final tests on college courses because all the answers to any question they could possibly be asked is in this Google reference library they’ll have on a little wrist watch they’re wearing, or some kind of funky looking eye wear they might have on?
Answer; I’m not sure about the questions but I’m real sure Google will have the answers!

Question; Do you believe the Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl?
Answer; Sorry, Google just blew up!

Please send me your comments and critiques. I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Thanks and have a great week everybody!




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