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walkinsnowOf all the places I’ve ever lived or traveled to, nothing equals Colorado when it comes to instant weather changes. Earlier this week we were in shorts and sneakers, today it’s parkas and boots, and by the weekend, we’ll probably be back in shorts again! It is however, Mother Nature’s way of hinting to us that changes are in the air and it might be time to start making a few adjustments. Indeed, no matter how much you might want our beautiful summers to stay with us forever, changes are on the way.

As you drive down the street the leaves on some of the trees are beginning to change color, the sun is setting a little earlier and rising a little later, the NFL has kicked into gear and the breezes coming off the mountains have just a little nip to them. Yes Sir, Yes Ma’am, changes are on the way!

Along with the new NFL season comes all the normal good and bad. The good being the dreams of reaching that athletic pinnacle, the Super Bowl, and the bad being more accusations of physical abuse by players to family members which usually gets the same “shock and dismay” treatment by the media and the NFL in the fervent hope that this will also die away in a day or two (or in the media’s case, that it will last at least a day or two) and we can go back to filling those stadiums with fans, and the boss’s bank accounts with money!

The latest chapter in all this of course, is Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens who knocked his wife out cold in an elevator at a casino which was all recorded by a casino camera and is now being clumsily sidestepped by Commissioner Roger Goodell of the NFL, a man with a responsible position and a fat, multi million dollar salary. (Nice work if you can get it). Next in line is Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who is accused of punishing his child with a switch “just like his Daddy punished him!” A year or two before that, was the episode with the quarterback from the Pittsburgh Steelers and no doubt there were others too numerous to mention. It just seems like every season has to start with some kind of physical abuse controversy and poor old Roger has to dole out a game or two suspension and do his little kabuki dance with the media to protect the NFL, their precious sponsors and his fat salary!

dinnerI’m not in the punishment business but I might have a solution to this problem.

Before football season even starts, why don’t we take any of these guys who think they’re bad and send them up to Alaska where they can go a couple of rounds with the “Fightin’ Palins of Wasilla!” I’d be willing to place a small wager that if Ray Rice had stepped into that casino elevator with Sarah Palin rather than his defenseless wife, the outcome might be a little different! When those elevator doors reopened, he might look a lot more like Fried Rice than Ray Rice! ISIS be damned! We’ve got Sarah!

I did another silly thing this week. I bought another guitar! I need another guitar like I need another hole in my head but this is such a fine instrument I couldn’t pass it up. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a musician friend of mine who passed away. His name was Rich McDaniel, he was the leader/conductor of a big band I used to play in, and I loved him dearly. This morning, somewhere ‘way in the predawn while the city was asleep, I was playing something on my brand new guitar and it felt so good with such wonderful tone and response that I decided to name it McRich! McRich is going to work with me first thing Monday morning at the VA hospital and it now sits in my living room in the coveted spot right beside my recliner so that I can pick it up and play a little something any time the urge strikes. Thanks McRich!

Please send me your comments and critiques. I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can!

Thanks again, and have a great week everybody.




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