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Is Congress Even Necessary??


In the past, those of you that I’ve known either in the work place or socially, have never accused me of not  having an opinion about things of a political nature. Plenty of you have run for the hills when I begin ranting and raving about the total waste of time and tax dollars created on a daily basis by the egomaniacs we call Congress, but you’ve all been nice enough to agree and nod your heads wisely until I run out of gas and cool down.

For months now, I’ve been on kind of a one man crusade to put congress either on a part time basis (since they’re usually on vacation anyway,) or a commission basis, or piecework, or some other kind of compensation plan that allows them to get paid for what they do, not for what they say they’re gonna do! I’m sure that all my trips to fantasy land haven’t been anything unusual or anything most of you haven’t already done on your own so let’s indulge ourselves a little and put our druthers to work to see what we can come up with….OK??112th-Congress

  • Let’s put Congress on the same pay scale as food service workers and see just how fast a $15 per hour across the board wage scale would get passed.
  • Let’s create an app. that allows folks (once registered) to vote via their cell phones. This way, once you’re in the system, voting is a simple push of a button and you’re done! You dial a number, enter your ID, and when it lets you in, that’s it! No more waiting in lines. No more voting stations. No more limited voting times or days, that’s over! What the hell? If we can check our bank balance, buy a DVD or make a date with someone we’ve never met, this should be a cinch! We’ve already got the voter’s information and it can be verified and cross checked just as easily as any methods we’re currently using. We could also get rid of all the voodoo redistricting BS that political parties currently use to stack the deck and suppress votes among minorities and give themselves an advantage in the voting districts.
  • Is it possible that since congress has gone on their well deserved FIVE week paid vacation, we could pass an immigration bill that would pass the smell test? I know that’s asking a lot but since this country was founded on immigrants, (not according to the Indians) why couldn’t people of ordinary intelligence and common sense come up with something that allows people from other countries to emigrate into the USA without making it look like an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies?
  • This week, in conversations I’ve had with friends and acquaintances, most of them were not aware that congress was on vacation. Even though there’s a situation that’s heating up in Iraq, the voters don’t seem to feel that the country was operating any differently with, or without congress and, as a matter of fact, most did not know who their congress person even was! The obvious conclusion is that the scale to which voters (taxpayers) have turned off to our governing bodies and couldn’t care less if they are in session or not, has reached a level that makes you wonder why it’s even necessary to have a congress at all!

Sometimes things outlive their shelf life. The way congress has performed recently, is it possible that they have reached their expiration date? In the past years we’ve seen blocked votes, government shutdowns and every form of excuse for non performance since “the dog ate my homework!” We are a nation that believes in efficiency and through engineering and technology, getting things right the first time. We’ve put men on the moon, we’re creating cures for diseases and yet, time and again, our governing bodies don’t seem to know how to tie their own shoes. It just might be time for a change. Who’s gonna tell them?

As usual, send me your comments and critiques. I’ll be sure to read them all and if I can use them, I certainly will.

Have a great week everybody.

Thanks again








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