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Mexican Tsunami !!

3-immigration-policy-selective-perceptionRoughly one hundred and fifty years ago, somewhere in the 1860’s, there was a day when an old Indian scout, out hunting food, looked across the plains and saw a wagon train loaded with white settlers slowly making it’s way across the vast prairies with all their belongings tied to the wagons. Their families and livestock walked along behind the wagons mindlessly taking their direction from the lead wagon and secure in the idea that what they were heading toward was better than what they were leaving behind!

The old scout watched with misgivings in his heart because he knew that what he was watching would change his life. More and more of these strange white skinned people with their big, high wheeled wagons and strange clothing would come until they were as thick as the grass on the prairie and the buffalo and all his hunting ground would be gone! He knew he should return to his village, round up a war party of young braves who hated the settlers and return to wipe them out. Sadly he realized it would be like fighting the wind because more would come to replace them and he was sad and afraid.

The old scout had every reason to be afraid because what he was watching was the oncoming death of his way of life as he knew it. Indeed, soon there would be many more odd looking white people with their pale white skin and blond hair, choosing to live in one place in a sod hut or group of sod huts rather than moving with the buffalo as he had done all his life. He couldn’t understand why anyone would want to scar the land with their plows just to grow things to eat when everything you really needed was already growing in plenty. Nor could he understand why they killed buffalo and other wild animals just for the fun of killing, when they already had more meat than they needed.mextsunami

What the old scout didn’t know was that many miles further south from where he sat, a territorial battle had taken place about fifteen years earlier between other pale skinned warriors and the brown skinned Mexicans. The fight was later to be called by some the Mexican-American war where the US drove out most of the Mexicans and took over their territories of California and New Mexico after paying the Mexican government 15 million dollars. As an afterthought, the US assumed 3.25 million the Mexican government owed US citizens and Mexico threw Texas into the deal as a sweetener. This whole thing took place in about a year and a half. Suddenly, the Rio Grande river separated our countries, and just as suddenly we had immigration of both kinds, legal and illegal. It’s been going on ever since and it’s no closer to being solved than the day it began.

For years, the main export from Mexico to the US besides cheap labor was marijuana. The game was, that the sellers worked diligently to figure out more sophisticated ways of avoiding customs and getting product into our country by land, sea, and air. On the other end, our government worked just as diligently to figure out ways to catch them, and the game went on. After a period of time we figured out ways to grow a pretty good product of our own and some places even legalized it. It didn’t take long for the drug lords and coyotes to diversify and find a new source of income and soon the game changed. Almost overnight the gangs in the southernmost Central American countries jumped into a new and much more deadly export game. The export is children.

In the past year, a tsunami of children from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras have risked life and limb in order to land on our border. Some say to be rescued. Some say to avoid certain death in their homeland. Some say to find a distant relative or maybe their parents who have already found work here. Who knows all the reasons? There are almost as many as there are homeless children but one thing is for sure, this is about as cold and sadistic a game of life and death as anyone has ever seen.

I realize the “not in my town” response to this from those who see it as a threat to their way of life solves nothing. Neither does the blatant “non response” of our cardboard christian congress. Frankly, our own political indifference to this situation questions our  humanity to its very core. More to follow…..

Please send your comments and critiques. I’ll make sure to read them all and use them if I can.

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