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Sguitarmajicomeday, I want to find the person who coined the phrase, “The Golden Years” just to ask where they think all that “Gold” is! That has to be a prank or someone’s idea of a bad joke! Nowhere these days, do I see too much gold and whoever has it, is hanging on to it for dear life!

Today I met my old drummer and bass player at a local restaurant for a little lunch and a giant rehash of what things used to be like during the “good old days!” Sadly enough, it seems that we spent more time talking about cholesterol and blood pressure pills than we did the “Good Old Days” but we gave it our best shot!

We did manage to talk about all the bands we played in when we were young and all the different places we played that are dusty used car lots now, or pizza joints or thrift stores or whatever. We talked and laughed about what brand of cigarettes we smoked and why we smoked them, (Parliament had the recessed filter!) our most favorite (or unfavorite) songs, our favorite drinks, cars with fender skirts, glass pack mufflers and sun visors! Premium gasoline was 26 cents per gallon and somebody was there to “fill ‘er up” for you!  God, what memories! Any way you looked at it, the whole night club and restaurant industry in this town that used to employ so many of us, is now just a collection of ghosts, smoky dusty memories stored up on the shelves of our minds, growing older and dustier with every passing day.

We talked about the clubs, the songs, and the bandstands, the beads, the bell bottoms and bouffants, and what a thrill it was to be up on top of Lookout Mountain with your favorite girl, (or someone else’s girl if you were into living dangerously!) and that long drive back down the mountain to get her home before the sun came up! Aaahh, the good old days!

Now, almost before we know it, we’ve arrived at the autumn of our years. The “Gold” is fading, the bass player is on a walker, the drummer imageshas just come from a doctor appointment, and mine isn’t scheduled until Monday! We still disagree on lots of stuff but we do agree that if things get tough, our “anti science,” “neanderthalic” congress with it’s lofty 7% approval ratings might be qualified to get a job as door stops somewhere! No more wars? No way? Immigration reform? Are you kidding? Improve our education system? When pigs fly! And on it goes until we came to something I really hadn’t given too much thought. Amendment 64.

Amendment 64 is the 2013 ruling that said it was OK to purchase marijuana for recreational use and, at the same time, it gave the OK to farmers to grow it’s more straight laced cousin, industrial hemp commercially in Colorado. Although there are still “t’s” to be crossed and “i’s” to be dotted, the fact that we may have a cash crop here with a whole myriad of possible uses (one being a synthetic fuel,) it just might be one of the first bright pictures we’ve had on our agricultural horizon for a long time. This is in contrast to Oklahoma whose number one industry these days rather than drilling for oil and fracking, is the door-to-door selling of Earthquake Insurance! I know I’m talking too much ’cause it could happen here, but if industrial hemp can be anywhere near the commercial success of it’s cousin, recreational marijuana, and we can just keep our congress from meddling, who knows, we might be able to put Colorado on a profitable path and help see our way around problems like overhauling our education system and actually tackling this global warming thing! Just sayin’!

Send me your comments and critiques. I’ll certainly read them all and if I can use them, I surely will.

Thanks again,






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