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You Meet Some of the Strangest People!!

In my Retirement Community entertainment travels, I’ve had occasion to meet some fairly “unique” individuals but this one was provided to me by my friend Rick Chinisci from one of the engagements he played recently at “The Gardens at Columbine.” The lady in question is our mutual friend, Heidi Marino.

Actually, there’s nothing strange about Heidi at all. She’s one of many bright, hardworking, dedicated, activities directors (coordinators) throughout our city who constantly look for new and unique ways to educate, inform and keep things fresh for the seniors at their respective retirement facilities and doing a fantastic job of it!

In her search to keep things fun and interesting, Heidi is always looking around for a different “theme” idea. I never did hear what the theme for this particular program was, so maybe it had something to do with “Wooly Worms” or some other crawly creatures or maybe they were just getting ready for Halloween. Ya think?

People who are in the same occupation as Heidi, working in retirement communities around our city need big hug and a huge “Thank You” from all of us who know seniors or are close to them in any way. We all know (or should know) that as people grow older, it’s very easy to get into just going about your daily routine without exercising your brain or your body and sometimes these things require a little outside stimulation. Heidi and her cohorts all over town spend a good portion of every day working at defeating the humdrum of daily living and creating unique ways of making sure seniors stay active and curious. Hey, that’s what keeps folks alive and happy and makes the wheels keep on turning right?

I remember as a kid, sitting in my Grandmother’s living room, watching her with a little “button box” accordion she had, trying to find the right notes to “The Old Folks at Home” or some other Stephen Foster tune, and encouraging me to learn to play the piano because it was good for my brain and besides, it would keep me out of trouble!

That little accordion still sits on the mantle of my fireplace today and in my mind, I can still see her fumbling around, trying to figure those songs out and realize how that ongoing battle with music worked like a brain teaser that helped keep her sharp which she was almost to the time she passed away. Naturally, I was far too brilliant for the piano and took up a real brain twister like the banjo instead, which led to rock and roll, which led to the guitar, and that’s another story for another day!

To Heidi and all the wonderful people up and down the Colorado front range who do what you do, what I really want to say to all of you is a huge, huge, Thank You! Many times your work goes unappreciated and people quite often don’t say Thank You, enough. Whether you’re dreaming up special field trips, dressing up like Wooly Worms, or all the special brain teaser games you play, you make life fun for the seniors you serve and that’s no small thing! For myself, I have benefited greatly by getting to know you and entertain for you. That experience has made every day a richer day for me!

As usual, send me your critiques and comments. I’ll read them all and, if I can use them, I certainly will.

Thanks again,

Posted by All Around Seniors at 10/30/2013 3:42 AM


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