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Would Elvis have joined the Tea Party??

Makes you wonder doesn’t it? It also makes you stop and think a moment about all the radical changes our country has undergone and is currently going through since the day when this man could only be shown on Television from the waist up! He lit up our world with “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Jailhouse Rock” and we haven’t been the same since.

Would Elvis have joined the Tea Party? Looking back on the lifestyles, values and plain old patriotism of Elvis then and the Tea Party now, (which is obviously speculative), that’s probably going to come up negative but nevertheless fun to compare. Of all the things Elvis was, one picture he had of himself was that of patriotic citizen so, he probably would have butted heads with those who preach secession or shutting down the government. Would the King of Rock ‘n Roll have been a birther? You be the judge! Also, because of his sense of patriotism, misguided or otherwise, Elvis felt it was his duty to pay his taxes, insisted on it, and sometimes even overpaid just to make sure the good old USA had enough cash to operate on! Try getting your favorite Tea Party member to think like that! Colonel Tom Parker said he felt it was his duty to keep Elvis in the 90% tax bracket! Tea Partiers everywhere who heard that one would have probably burned Colonel Tom at the stake!

Would the Tea Party have sided with Elvis? That’s a question you’ll have to decide for yourself isn’t it? The only thing we can really say for sure here, is that there’s been a lot of changes to our political landscape since the days when we first heard him sing “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Love Me Tender.”

The more you dredge back in your memory coming up with situations to make your comparisons, the more situations rise to the top. One of the most obvious things brought to mind is that this country, more than all the years Elvis was alive, has been at war. We’ve been in a lot of them and, like it or hate it, the powers that be in Washington D.C., Liberal and Conservative, Tea Party or otherwise, know how to set the fires under us poor dumb ordinary working folk in order to get us fired up and talked into signing up to go fight their battles!

Think about it: Obama, ending the Bush wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
Bush Jr., Iraq and Afghanistan wars
Clinton, Bosnia/Kosovo
Bush Senior, first Iraq war and the invasion of Panama chasing down Noriega
Reagan, Iran-Contra War and the invasion of Grenada
Nixon/Johnson, Viet Nam war
Kennedy, Bay of Pigs and the first stirrings of Viet Nam
Truman and Eisenhower Korea

Think about this, since before the birth of Rock ‘n Roll, we’ve been at war almost constantly with someone, somewhere in the world. Are the great majority of us (including Elvis if he had lived) so inured to the pain of blood and death that we can’t seem to live without it, or does the Military Industrial Complex have such a grip on our economy, we’re powerless to stop?

Obviously, the point being made here is that for the first time since the birth of Elvis, we have a President who, rather than trying to conquer, maim and murder someone else’s children, is actually trying to do something in our country to make all of us healthier and happier. It’s called Health Care and there’s a mountain of private money being spent to guarantee it’s failure! Would Elvis have been in favor of basic health care for old folks and little kids and the less fortunate? I can only believe he would. Would Elvis have been in favor of budget cuts to Meals on Wheels or Head Start programs? Would he have given the thumbs up in favor of privatizing Social Security or cuts to Seniors Care? I think you already know the answer to that one. Would Elvis have been in favor of some idiot parading a rebel flag in front of the White House gate? The lip curl he did then could only mean, (a) he was gonna kick some a–, or (b) sing a pretty song!

You go Elvis!

As usual, send me your critiques and comments. I’ll read them all and if I can use them, I will.

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 11/20/2013 5:25 AM


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