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Welcome to Colorado!

imagesCOWelcome to the single most famous city in the world! Is it London? No! Shanghai? No! Las Vegas? No! In that case, it’s gotta be the only one left, Denver, Colorado, the newly crowned, most famous city of all time! Are we famous for our Skiing which is the best to be found anywhere? No! Are we famous for our wonderful mile high climate which anyone who lives here will be happy to tell you is absolutely unbeatable? No! Are we famous for the gorgeous scenery and the wonderful front range of the rocky mountains? No! Well then, there’s really only one thing left which makes Denver the number one most famous city in the world and that has to be LEGALIZED MARIJUANA!

Ever since the legal marijuana rollout, I’ve been watching the TV news channels carefully. Not because of any great criminal activity caused by the kickoff of the new industry, I’ve been watching to see the reactions of the pundits and news talk show hosts to see how they phrase their comments about the product on their individual shows and possible attitudes about the plant itself. Bias is an individual thing and you know it’s going to show up one way or the other but you also know that any comments made have to be tempered carefully depending on what the political, financial, and philosophical attitude of the station and it’s advertisers are.

imagesdrNo sooner did I start thinking about marijuana marketing and advertisers and my mind went to the fertile fields of the tobacco ads I grew up with as a kid. I guess it never really dawned on me back then just how cleverly the big tobacco companies shaped their ads so that their products really looked seductive and attractive to us at the same time they were addicting us?

How many people reading this blog can tell me what their favorite cigarette used to be and what was the ad that caused them to try and eventually get hooked on that particular brand? Was it a “healthy” cigarette? Was it a recessed filter? Like most kids going to high school back then, I got seduced by the advertising lingo and images that smoking cigarettes was actually the romantic, popular thing to do, and you were going to be taking a big step up amongst your peers if you started doing it. Funny thing, but nowhere did I see any of our wonderful, astute, watchdog media screaming from the rooftops that these ultra large profitable corporations with their glad handing, highly paid lobbyists were marketing a product to us kids that eventually burned out our lungs and often ended up killing us! Do you think it might have been all that nice green money they were passing around caused our super duper politicians and ever vigilant media to look the other way? I think I was fourteen at the time and I didn’t realize that tobacco advertisers had been after me and probably millions just like me for years!
imagescigNow we’re embarking on a new industry and something new to smoke, or chew, or ingest, however we choose to get it down. Obviously marijuana has no huge advertising budgets because, as of today, it’s just barely an industry! The money is beginning to roll in but it’s certainly not enough yet to make the Man from Marlboro jealous! From what I’ve read, Denver currently has a limited number of retail outlets (35 I believe) with applications for over 300 more waiting to set up across the state.

So far, I know of no large firms like the ones who used to market tobacco products (or imitation tobacco products) to hook kids all over the world, but it’s going to be interesting to watch as this thing grows, to see how it approaches the marketplace and how it’s received by us, the purchasing public.

At this time, Denver hasn’t had time enough to see whether it’s new found notoriety is going to end up being a blessing or a curse and it’s going to be even more interesting to watch the pro marijuana versus the anti marijuana forces to see how they juggle their own political philosophies into this thing to make us all believe that if results are good, it’s because of them and if it’s a bust, it’s all the other guy’s fault!

So, let’s keep our eyes wide open boys and girls. If it turns out to be “Reefer Madness” like some folks are predicting, let’s kill it in its tracks! If, on the other hand, it turns out to be just another social drug with some possible medicinal applications then, Welcome to Colorado marijuana! You’ve made us famous!

As usual, send me your critiques and comments. I’ll happily read them all and use them if I can.

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 1/8/2014 5:37 AM


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