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Veterans, Hurry Up and Wait!

imagesfilesSo here it is, the beautiful month of May, springtime in all it’s glory. Finally, it’s time to put away the parkas and snow shovels and heavy clothes and drag out the cutoffs and Jimmy Buffet shirts and begin thinking about all things summer!

As I said in my most recent post, this summer I have decided to put my brand new Certified Music Practitioner certificate to work somewhere I think it will do the most good and let the money end of things take care of themselves….sort of.

The “somewhere you think it will do the most good” part isn’t too hard to find. It’s in every hospital in this town and all the other towns where those who need your help the most, can afford it the least. While we’re at it, why not stop by and take a look at the Veterans Administration where a great many of our nations young men and women started their adult lives doing the honorable thing by signing up to serve their country in combat on foreign soil. Now, following those nightmarish years, they spend long hours cooped up with with their combat buddies in some stark, bare room on little rickety folding chairs in an overburdened VA hospital waiting for treatment to aid their recovery from battle scars they certainly didn’t ask for.

imagessoldierPlease don’t get me wrong, I’m not dogging the VA. It’s just that your heart breaks when you see all these people looking for an answer from overworked and sometimes underpaid staffers who quite frankly, may not have much of an answer to give. The old phrase, “war is hell” is just as true now as it’s ever been, and the fact that a great many people, veterans included, eventually turn to their musical instrument of choice in order to give vent to their feelings is no accident. It’s been going on for centuries! Music is funny that way!

As most of you know, down through the ages, even biblical times, music has has been looked upon as a healing tool. Kind of a metaphysical escape hatch to soothe the mind and ease the pain when reality feels like it just might be a little too heavy a load for one person to carry. Classical composers used music to unburden their hearts and it’s been going on forever as a balm, a soothing salve to cover emotional scars and we all use it today in different ways to carry us away momentarily from problems we’re just not quite ready to look in the face.

This brings me to the present moment and why I chose this particular direction to try to bring healing music to many folks who need it, can’t afford it, and what you might be able to do to help me change that.

My decision to try to bring music to these people was met with the same old money problem that’s been around ever since time began. If I hired on with a medical facility who could afford me, would I be maximizing my training? Or, looking at it the other way, if I maximized my training, would I go broke playing in places that can’t afford me? Here’s the answer I came up with;

I’m asking all my friends out there who know of someone in a hospital right now or someone who is having a rough time overcoming the traumatic experience of combat to dig down and help a little bit. No, you don’t have to take out a second mortgage on the house or sell your car, but if you have a few bucks you can spare to help cover the costs of helping these folks get back on their feet and get a fresh start, it sure would be appreciated.

To make a 501(c)3 tax free donation to help Rod Taylor play therapeutic, healing music for needy folks, please mail your check to;

Our Musical Heritage
C/O Denver Musicians Association
1165 Delaware St.
Denver, CO 80204-3607

At the bottom of your check in the memo line, please write, Rod Taylor CMP fund.

That’s it! Have a great week everybody! Send me those comments and critiques. If I can use them I certainly will.

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 5/7/2014 4:48 AM


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