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Two of a Kind!!


Enclosed, please find two of my favorite TV characters, one present day, one past, one ficticious, one not so much!

If ever a writer sat down to write a present day script for a TV show and wanted it to imitate a gangster show from years gone by, you could not in your wildest dreams write anything where art imitates real life any closer than what we’re seeing being played out by my brand new TV favorite, the present day Governor of New Jersey and past episodes of that old TV hit “The Sopranos.”

To begin with, both main characters have a lot in common. They’re both large men with long time weight problems. They’re both loud mouth bully’s who could charm the rattles off a snake! Both have those overbearing personalities loved by some and hated and feared by others. Both have devious tyrant characteristics that demand control and respect and both can come up with more excuses than an east coast investment banker when something goes wrong!

I remember many Sunday nights sitting down in front of my TV set with a snack handy to watch Tony Soprano and all his seedy buddies rape, pillage and plunder their way through another episode of the Sopranos where they used blackmail, extortion and sometimes even murder to extract money and allegiance from poor unwitting citizens. Just when you thought Tony couldn’t sink any lower in his little criminal enterprise, he’d come back and blow your doors off with the most despicable trick ever!

Now, we come to the part of our story where the real life “boss” steps in and he’s almost too good to be true! As a matter of fact, the first few times I saw him in action, I was convinced that James Gandolfini must have followed him around for a few days and this is where the character of Tony Soprano was born! To me, the Governor resembles Tony in so many ways it’s uncanny, and when he gets caught up in a scandal that would make Tony Soprano proud, I’m sure that Gandolfini is looking on from heaven with that little smirk on his face making sure that our hero somehow gets to extract his pound of flesh Soprano style!

While we can’t yet say that our new main character is 100% responsible for the “Bridgegate” debacle, the plot itself is almost too delicious to resist! Oddly enough, this particular scandal involves applying pressure (something Soprano understood well) by holding up traffic on the world’s busiest bridge (somewhere Soprano traveled every episode) in order to apply a little pressure and put the squeeze on the mayor of a small New Jersey city whose politics don’t quite align with his! His mia culpa speech recently where he wore reporters out for a couple of hours professing total surprise and innocence and firing the dastardly staffers who hatched this nefarious plot and did him wrong, reminds you of Richard Nixon and his “I’m not a crook” speech back in the old Watergate days! Tony would be proud.

It will be fun to watch and see how this “Bridgegate” thing plays out in the days and weeks to come, and no doubt my imagination will be working overtime. I will however, be very thankful to live out here in good old Colorado where the only things we have going for us are the best skiing to be found anywhere, a wonderful city, great restaurants and entertainment, the Broncos, fantastic casinos up in the mountains and just in case you get bored beyond belief, legalized marijuana to take the blues away! I know it’s not Vegas or the big Apple but, we’ll just have to struggle along and do the best we can with what we’ve got!

As usual, send me your comments and critiques. I’ll be sure to read them all and use them if I can.

Thanks again,
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