imagesfathersdayHolidays are special days, and when you get to play some Fathers Day tunes for people on their special day, why, that makes it double special right?

It’s kind of ironic when you sit down in a room full of people in a retirement community, that so many of the people this day was named for are not there! The thought crossed my mind that I never paid much attention to this before (or maybe I just ignored it) and I immediately began to wonder how it is, that women are so good at outliving us old men? It’s certainly not that they get to live a life of privilege, (not any of the women I know!) and it’s certainly not that they get to take the easy road while the guys are out there slaving away. Or, as my Dad used to say, (“that’s heifer dust son!”)

The last time I checked, women were still the ones giving birth to the babies, doing the majority of the daily chores like housekeeping and cooking, weeding the garden, applying the band aids and kissing away the tears, and yet they still only earn .70 odd cents on the dollar for every dollar a man earns! So while a man may be able to run faster, jump higher, lift more weights and stand around to brag about it, when it comes to the last mile, women have it all over men like it’s no contest at all!

There’s an old Pete Seeger tune called, “Where have all the flowers gone” that I think I’m going to rewrite and rename “Where have all the fathers gone” because, maybe it’s just me, or maybe it was the day I was playing at Sunrise Boulder, but I was really struck by the fact that the room seemed to be filled with ladies and the men who should have been there with them, had gone missing.

How is it then, that some of our almighty politicians, especially the ones with egos the size of Texas feel that they alone should be the ones in charge of women’s health? I saw on one TV news show where the governor of one state (a man) wants to be the one and only person with the final say in whether a woman can have an abortion to protect her own health or not? What the hell’s wrong with this picture? I think sir, that before you try using the power of your office to determine whether a woman should or should not be allowed to have an abortion, you ought to try having one yourself! Maybe they haven’t been looking, but if life itself was the Alamo, the last ones left standing are not the boys, it would be the ones wearing the skirts! So…… before the boys go charging off trying to legislate women’s health maybe they should try legislating a little men’s health to see why it is that we don’t seem to be capable of living as long as the ones we’re trying so hard to legislate!? Then, maybe if we asked the ladies real nice, they might tell us what we need to know in order to figure out how to live a little longer! Sounds reasonable doesn’t it?

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