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So long for now my Friends!


Every now and then in your life, a new friend comes along that almost immediately becomes so close and special to you that you wonder how it is you didn’t meet this someone earlier or where they have been all this time that you didn’t know they were there? The someone (or something) I’m referring to, is North Suburban Hospital in Thornton CO and all the wonderful people who make that place tick.

For those who have absolutely no idea of what I’m talking about, allow me to fill you in on some of the details. First, for the past couple of years I’ve been studying to become a CMP. For those who have no idea what a CMP is, or does, a CMP is a Certified Music Practitioner, someone who plays healing music in hospital settings for patients and tries to help calm patients and aid the healing process through music. The studies are taught through an organization named MHTP (Music for Healing and Transition Program,) and part of the study course is an internship where you hone your craft playing for patients in live situations. This is where North Suburban Hospital comes into the picture because the fine people at this facility allowed me to come in and do part of my internship there.

Never in life has anyone been made to feel more welcome or been treated any better than I have been treated at North Suburban Hospital. That’s something not easily said and something I won’t be forgetting any time soon!

It started at the top of the Volunteer staff with a lady named Lorie Ward who took a chance on me, and Chaplain Larry Baker who took on the responsibility of being mentor and liaison, the nurses, assistants, the Docs, technicians, therapists, and all the support staff. Even the kitchen help who just loved giving me a hard time will be sadly missed. It’s hard not to miss a doctor who teases you almost daily about playing like Eric Clapton, or a kitchen staff lady who sang “My dog has fleas” every time she saw me!

The first time I wrote about North Suburban Hospital, I talked about how it reminded me of an episode of a TV show called “Hill Street Blues.” I wrote about how it reminded me of “organized chaos” with people going every direction writing reports and taking notes and working to help folks feel better! I also remember being in something of a cold sweat wondering how I was ever going to fit into all this? No worries, they took me in and made me a part of the crew without even batting an eye. It was kind of like, “Oh good, you’re the guitar player? C’mon, we need you over here”, and that was it!

Not only has that not changed, it’s expanding. The fourth floor is now under reconstruction so that they can boost their capacity to help and nurse the sick and make life just a little better for the citizens of Colorado.

And so we say thanks and so we move on. Thank you North Suburban for all you do, and all you’ve done for me. I won’t be forgetting you any time soon and I sincerely hope that one day, our paths get to cross again.

As usual, send me your comments and critiques. I’ll read them all and if I can use them I certainly will.

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 1/22/2014 7:16 AM


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