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Say A Prayer, Say A Lot Of Prayers!

imagesforestfireThese are tough times in Colorado. Our once gorgeous, majestic forests that made our landscapes look like real live movie sets, are now horribly scarred by dead trees and Pine Beetle kill. Now, suddenly almost mercifully, (some folks won’t agree with that Im sure,) those same forests are being removed for us by mother nature and her ultimate landscape cleaner, forest fire.

It has to be heartbreakingly tough, watching a lifetime of hard work and dreams going up almost instantly in smoke. Then, you get to take that long hard look inside yourself, wondering if you’ve got the guts and drive to build it again, or, maybe it’s time to park those dreams somewhere and resign yourself to moving back into a city where there’s less statuesque beauty but also a lot less chance of losing everything in a few short minutes to a mountain holocaust like this one.

Obviously that’s a decision I’ll never be forced to make since I’m a city dweller through and through. It does scare the hell out of me though, to think that maybe some of those houses just might be places where seniors are being cared for, and what happens if they don’t have a proper evacuation plan in place? Say a prayer. It’s pretty hard to outrun a fire in your youth but when you’re a senior, the odds aren’t all that pleasant to think about.

I also want to say a good many prayers for my friends and acquaintances who own those little $500,000 and up woodsy slices of heaven out there in the Black Forest. You know the places I’m talking about, the ones you work half your life to attain, and the other half to maintain, and just when you didn’t need any more problems, mother nature comes along with her own way of letting everyone know who’s really in charge!

Last time I checked, I’m told that 502 homes have been lost in this fire. If the average family has 2.3 children, then over 1000 kids ranging from grade school all the way up are going to be uprooted and moved. Say a lot of prayers here, because even under the best of circumstances, (which these certainly aren’t) moving and relocating is a traumatic situation to say the least. That’s only part of the story. What about the already overloaded school districts with overworked, underpaid teachers that have to make room for another 1000 kids? I believe we might need to say a whole boatload of prayers there!

Now, let’s stop preachin’ and start prayin’! A one dollar bill has a picture of George Washington on it. If you send the Red Cross 5 George Washington’s, that equals an Abraham Lincoln and it’s also 5 prayers! If you send 2 Abraham’s (one Alexander Hamilton) that’s 10 prayers and if you send a couple of Hamilton’s, that’s an Andy Jackson and it’s 20 prayers! See how easy this is? I’m sure that if we send the Red Cross enough of these dead presidents, we can help some folks and put a dent in these horrible losses!

So, don’t just say those prayers folks, put some money behind them as well! Colorado needs your help!

As usual, send in your critiques and comments. Rest assured, as long as they’re not X rated, I’ll use them if I can.

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 6/19/2013 5:04 AM


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