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Rocky Mountain High… And How!!

imagesMMAny way you look at it, Denver Colorado has a fine NFL football team this year. Also, it’s no secret, players are in better shape, run faster, hit harder and injure themselves more than they ever have before. Therefore, even though absolutely no one from the NFL has asked for any help or solutions from me, I’ve decided to offer my assistance anyway!

My initial solution to the NFL injury problem is to try to marry up professional football with our other brand new industry here in Colorado which is legalized Medical Marijuana. Kind of a Denver Broncos meet Cheech and Chong kind of thing! That way, you’d probably slow the game down a little, but who cares, you’d have twice as much fun doing it and every team in the NFL would want to play us every Sunday! All the major airlines might just reroute their flights on Sundays so they could fly over our city to sample the ambiance, and while it’s true our half times might take all afternoon, they could be the stuff legends are made of! Besides, it’s no secret that we have an excellent quarterback who also owns a string of pizza franchises just in case someone happens to get a craving for mushrooms and pepperoni!

The next thing you’d want to do is take the brand new law they just enacted which allows you to smoke pot on your front porch and expand on that a little. I don’t want to tell the city how to do their business, but think about this. What if we took all 70,000 of those seats at Sports Authority Field, renamed them “Front Porches” and sold them back to folks for a nominal fee, say a few hundred bucks apiece? Now the city fathers in Denver might object to this a little but think about the instant revenue for the city! That’s no small number! Our Sunday “pregame tailgate” parties would be phenomenal, and when the game is ready to start and both teams take the field, (hopefully Denver takes the end with the wind at their backs,) good things are bound to happen! When 70,000 football fans light up on their “front porches,” can you think of a better “12th man secret weapon?” Seattle might have the crowd noise, New Orleans has the Dome, but they don’t call Denver the “Mile High City” for nothing! Injuries be damned! We could send teams home that we just beat 117- 0 and they couldn’t wait to come back and play us again!

These days, many major cities have financial problems. Detroit is trying to renege on the pension funds it owes retirees while at the same time asking those same good people to float a bond for a few hundred million bucks for a new hockey rink? Rumor has it that Chicago and Cook County is getting ready to drop the financial hammer on it’s citizens and other cities are facing the financial grim reaper as well. Meanwhile, here in Colorado, thanks to medical marijuana and the 25% sales tax they’ve strapped on the citizens who want to partake, we just might be sitting on the money mother lode of all time! That is, if we play our cards right and put it to good use!

How about helping the homeless for openers? Maybe offering some dignity and respect and an opportunity to get back on their feet? How about adding to head start and school lunch programs for kids rather than cutting them? Why not offer assistance to seniors to make their final years better and safer and for God’s sake, when are we going to learn to support the teachers who teach our kids rather than treating them like chattel? These are the people in closest contact with our children each and every day, doing their best to educate and teach them to be good citizens rather than throwaways. There’s a damn good reason these same kids came in at number 30 in the world in reading skills, and it’s not just the fault of the teachers! Something’s upside down in legal land folks, and don’t count on congress to fix it. They’ve turned
dysfunctionality into an art form!

I’ll get down off my soapbox now. Maybe I sound a little preachy, but I really do believe that Colorado has a chance to do some good here and we ought to grab the opportunity while it’s within our grasp. Happy Holidays everybody!

As usual, send me your comments and critiques. I’ll read them all and use them if I can.

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 12/11/2013 6:19 AM


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