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North Suburban, A Hospital You Can Live With


It sits on the east side of I-25 just off Thornton Parkway, nestled in a hollow beside Grant Street in the northeast corner of our beautiful city. At first glance you’d probably never see the hustling, bustling hub of activity this place really is, which is probably misleading because North Suburban Medical Center is like the little engine that could! It’s a well named medical facility and it lives up to it’s name every single day.

North Suburban Medical Center is located at 9191 Grant St. in Thornton, CO and you’ll probably need a little time and access to a search engine like Google in order to learn about the full range of practices and procedures they routinely do. I have to say that although I’ve lived in Denver for a good many years, I had no idea this facility even existed until, upon completion of my MHTP music practitioner classes, my friend Rick suggested I contact Chaplain Larry Baker to see about the possibility of doing some of my intern work there.

Chaplain Baker is everything you’d expect a Chaplain to be. He’s a big friendly guy with a heart and personality as big as all outdoors. He welcomed me to North Suburban, with the qualifier that first, I would have to meet with the Volunteer Services coordinator Lorie Ward, for an orientation meeting. If I could get past that, we could get busy.

Lorie Ward is as good a representative of a hospital as you’d ever want to meet. She’s a true professional and when our meeting was over and she welcomed me to North Suburban, I knew I was going to enjoy a fulfilling, rewarding, learning experience I could carry with me for a long time to come. What I really had no clue about was what I was going to run into my first day on the job.

My first day as a Music Practitioner Intern at North Suburban was kind of like stepping into an episode of the old TV series, “Hill Street Blues,” (minus some of the more colorful characters of course!) From the first moment you step off the elevator, you’re met with a buzz of activity. Besides the fact that there’s construction going on with all the racket from saws, hammers and everything that goes with it, there’s this hubbub of people and traffic that you’re just not ready for. Nurses hustling here and there, nurses reading reports, writing reports, telephones ringing endlessly, patients on gurneys, patients getting their exercise and at first glance everything kind of looks like organized chaos. On closer observation you realize that this is the way these people work and it’s no big thing to them. They’re doing their jobs healing lives and saving lives, the difference is, they’re just doing it at a lot faster clip than I had ever witnessed!

Lead, follow or get out of the way! Seemed like the thing to do at the time, and as fast as I could, that’s what I did! Soon I was knocking on doors, playing music for patients and in no time at all, nurses would take a moment from their busy schedules to come by and say, “I think Mrs. so and so in room such and such, or Mr. such and such in room so and so, would really like you to come by.” All of a sudden, there you are, you’re playing your music and bringing a little joy and helping folks heal, and it’s all part of working with the crew and that’s a good thing! You know, It’s fun being a CMP intern here at North Suburban. Think I’ll stick around for a while!

As usual, send me your critiques and comments. I’ll read them all and use them if I can.

Thanks again,
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