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130718113133BPd2d9zCcAAXOQgThis week I got treated to something you don’t usually run into as a Retirement Community entertainer. I was working in Arvada at a community called Nightingale Lane when lo and behold, I looked up and there was this person from one of the local TV news channels with a camera on me! My first inclination was panic and wondering what I’d done, but here’s how the story goes.

Nightingale Lane is a retirement facility in Arvada for folks with Alzheimers. It’s a beautiful facility, small enough to be comfortable and still big enough to have all the amenities you could ever need. The name of the lady I was working for is Beth Turner and I’m sure she was as surprised as I was when the guy with the TV camera showed up.

It seems that a black bear had decided to come into town for some big city food and relaxation and he (or she) decided that the dumpster at Nightingale Lane was just what he (or she) needed. The picture above shows the bear taking his (or her) morning nap after breakfast and right before the game and wildlife guys showed up with their tranquilizer guns. I guess the bear is now living high up in the mountains with Jeremiah Johnson. I hope he (or she) has a long and happy life and the visit to the big city wasn’t too traumatic!

Naturally, like a doofus, I told a good many of my friends about this little encounter. Some of them wondered if the bear and I were going to put a duo together and take our act on the road! Others said that we made a nice looking couple and I reminded them that the bear was a lot better looking than some of the loggers I used play for in the cowboy bars back in Montana! I won’t tell you what they replied to that one!

As to last weeks blog, I want to thank everyone for their spirited comments. To the lady in Utah who told me what I should do with my computer, I don’t think that can be done Ma’am. If it could, I’d be working for Cirque de Soleil by now!

The Zimmerman verdict certainly stirred up a hornets nest which, I’m happy to say, I’m glad to see. Not happy that a young man had to lose his life to make it happen, but happy that maybe now, we’ll get a little closer to justice on a more equal level. The “Stand Your Ground” law verdict for Marissa Alexander who fired a warning shot into the air to scare off an abusive husband and ended up with a twenty year guilty verdict is an example of how that law only works for some. Also, AWOL on that one were the 2nd Amendment folks and our friends at the NRA. Shocking!

Finally, our wonderful political representatives did their best not to let me down and did not disappoint! What has taken place is this. Interest rates on college tuition loans for students has reverted back to something close to the old rate of 3.4 % if you’re a freshman, then it moves up to over 8% if you’re trying to get an advanced degree. This just about guarantees bankruptcy before graduation unless you’ve got a rich relative stashed away somewhere! I

Is it any wonder then, that more and more of our best and brightest are moving to Europe and elsewhere where they’ll get better treatment to further their education and may just continue living there because of a more preferable lifestyle to boot? Meanwhile, here in the good old USA where it seems as though the stone age is still in full swing, we’re floundering along, mired in sequesters and political gridlock with the most wasteful, inefficient government money can buy! It kind of reminds you of the old story about the two politicians out driving across the country and one says, “You know….I think we’re lost!” and the other one replies, “Yeah I know, but we’re making good time!”

As usual, send me your critiques and comments. I’ll certainly use them If I can.

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 7/24/2013 6:03 AM


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