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Names Change, Players Are The Same

Sometimes things happen right under your nose faster than you’d ever expect. Morningstar Senior Living in Applewood changed hands as if by magic and became Atria Senior Living at Applewood fast as you could blink your eye!

Fortunately, although the names have changed to protect the innocent, the players are still the same and the new Atria Applewood still employs the same wonderful cast of characters as always. That’s a definite plus in anyone’s books!

It seems like just a minute ago I was writing a blog about this very same establishment. It was the beginning of football season and I was going on about the mighty Broncos and their prospects for that year. Well, here we are again, it’s football season once more and I have no idea as to whether our prospects are any better or any worse than they were back then! All I really know is, if it’s football season, can snow season be far behind? I haven’t even finished my Christmas shopping for last year yet! Hello long johns! Hello snow tires! Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

So there I was a couple of weeks ago, working at the brand new Atria Applewood for my friend Nikki Crouse. Trying my hardest not to forget the song lyrics or do anything else really dumb and remembering all the time that Nikki is this super singer in a Christian Rock group that she and her husband are involved in. No worries! The residents there are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. They love to laugh and they love to sing and they go out of their way to have a good time and make sure that you do too! How can it get any better than that?

On a personal note, I’ve begun my internship studies to complete my Certified Music Practitioner CMP ticket at Parker Adventist Hospital in Parker CO. Once I get past that hurdle, I’ll actually be able to play healing music for patients in hospitals which will be another long blog in the future I’m sure. Having said all that, I sincerely want to thank all the wonderful friends who have had my back all this time and given me their love and support. Believe me, it hasn’t gone unnoticed!

As long as we’re speaking of things of a healthy nature, Linda Jennings (a current advertiser) has grown her business since she began, and moved into bigger digs. Her new office address is;

Reconnective Healing
Vast Wellness Center
2323 So Troy St. Suite 3-108
Aurora CO 80014
303 883-8476

Give her a try. She’ll make you feel good!!

As usual, please send me your critiques and comments. If they’re not X rated and usable, I’ll use them I promise!

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 8/28/2013 4:13 AM


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