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Medical Mountain Magic!!

Colorado_Legalizes_Recreational_Marijuana_and_Industrial_HempLike the lyrics in an old Alan Jackson country song used to say, “Lordy don’t the wheels turn slow?”

Much to the joy of some and the dismay of others, over the counter sale of Medical / Recreational Marijuana is here on our Colorado doorstep and as long as it took to get here, I doubt that it’s going to go away any time soon!

If this whole thing has a slightly surreal feeling to it for you, don’t feel like the lone ranger! In my heart of hearts I have to believe that the political powers that be, never in their wildest dreams thought that the purchase of marijuana over the counter for recreational use (in Colorado or anywhere else) would ever be a reality. When it was first legalized for medical consumption I’m not sure they bought the story. When people lined up to get their medical purchase certificates, I’m still not sure they bought the story. When they took the vote to legalize it for recreational use, I think they put the 25% sales tax on it because they still didn’t believe that would ever pass and now, here it is and the political pundits are being strangely quiet. I imagine you can safely bet the rent check that you’re not going to hear much on this one from your upstanding, stalwart political representatives until they’re pretty well assured which way the political winds are blowing.

Like all new things, marijuana will take some time to settle into our society, and I’m sure there will be plenty of stories both pro and con to keep the the gossip wheels turning and the negative news media begging for more. The story I’m going to relate here isn’t one that will grab any headlines. It’s just a story of how one man has been able to make use of it to his own benefit in a medical manner and the way it has worked for him when nothing else would.

Rich McDaniel is a friend of mine. He is also the bandleader / conductor of one of the local kicks bands that I have had the pleasure of playing in for a number of years. Rich is also a victim of Multiple Sclerosis and has been confined to a wheel chair all the time I’ve known him. One of the characteristics of MS is that it is a paralysis that creeps and gradually takes over all the functions of your body. It was taking over Rich’s lateral neck movement so that he was unable to turn his head at all.
Two things happened to change that. Number one was that Rich enlisted the services of Theresa Ward, an excellent local massage therapist who works with him on a weekly basis to give him aid through massage. The second thing was Colorado’s decision to legalize the sale of medical marijuana.

Ampcart095The way Rich tells the story is that while the effects of massage are always positive and recommended, the relief achieved from the use of medical marijuana was almost instant. For the first time in years, when Rich was addressing a particular section in the band, he could actually turn his head and look at us directly to make his point. To most of us who have complete use of our limbs this may seem like a small issue but to someone who had been restricted from being able to do just that small simple thing, it’s huge and he gives medical marijuana the credit.

So, here we are, it’s a brand new year and Colorado is embarking on another cutting edge industry. Retail shops are opening across our state so that marijuana can be sold not only as a medical aid but as something we can use for recreational purposes as well. Naturally, as with the repeal of prohibition, there will be plenty of naysayers and predictors that we’re all going to hell and the sky is falling! We’ll need patience, and be able to allow ourselves the time and space to get through the initial growing pains, but I believe that one day, Colorado is going to be looked upon as the pioneering pace setter for the whole USA and we’ll all look back and wonder what all those “doom and gloom” predictions were all about!

As usual, send me your critiques and comments. I’ll read them all and use them if I can.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!
Posted by All Around Seniors at 12/31/2013 12:16 PM


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