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Let’s Make TV Interesting Again


As I move further into my advancing years, I find myself pushed to the wall with the same affliction most older folks are facing. Dumb, boring TV commercials.

Now, I realize that I’m supposed to be out there walking a mile a day (today, I walked from my recliner to the refrigerator) and eating healthy and doing creative things like painting or crocheting or building a submarine or whatever, but I’m not. I’m parked in front of my TV watching the same dumb programs being pitched to me with the same dumb boring commercials they had on last year and probably the year before that! Finally I’ve come to this conclusion. It’s not the TV watching that’s killing us, it’s these damn boring commercials!

Just once before I die, I’d like to see Fred Thompson come out of that little house to sell me a reverse mortgage and trip over a lawn rake or get chased off the set by a small dog! You’d think after all these years and the sky high prices we’re paying for cable, the television industry actually owes us seniors a little creativity! My vote would be for some smarter TV jingles. So…here’s my idea. Let me know what you think.

I believe seniors need to band together and demand a better grade of TV commercial product than we’re getting. Maybe it’s time we started our own union. We could call it SADAC (Seniors Against Dumb Assed Commercials!) I also believe that Congressional Hearings should not be shown on commercial television until they have at least reached the IQ level of ordinary room temperature. Personally, I still prefer the intellectual pursuits of old Cheech & Chong movies over anything being produced by our congress, but that’s just me!

Every week, I go to Retirement Communities to entertain, and I know what’s expected of me, because I know what’s being asked of the activities coordinators. They’re expected to pick up the mood, dream up interesting activities, get those brain cells working, bring joy, and if possible, creative happiness into peoples lives. I don’t know this to be a fact but I imagine that also means a minimum of TV watching if at all possible! Think of how different that could be if just the TV commercials were something that could trigger laughter in a senior citizen? Or something that made them think, or write, or want to create?

The population of the USA is over 300 million and over 40 million of us have reached 65. Every week of the year we buy products that are being pushed at us on TV. Right now, there’s a congressional hearing going on because congress says the IRS is guilty of blowing 50 million bucks partially to give line dance lessons to their staff at some convention. I’ve got news for them. If they would allow the folks at SADAC to contract that job, we could put it on Saturday night TV, make Lawrence Welk look like amateur hour, and do it for a hell of a lot less than 50 million bucks! Advertisers would line up in droves and the ad agencies would be ecstatic! One thing seniors CAN do is LINE DANCE! and I’m betting every senior in the country would be tuning in to see if any of their buddies were on there ’cause it would be the best thing on TV!

It’s a natural and SADAC wants to thank you for your support!

I don’t know how it is that I come up with all these multi million dollar ideas and I’m still broke, but a better class of TV commercials just might be the price of progress!

As usual, send me your critiques and comments and I’ll use them if I can. Also, we’re always looking for new names to add to our blog mailing list, so if you know of anyone who’d like to be added, send ’em in and! we’ll hook ’em up!

Thanks again,

Posted by All Around Seniors at 6/5/2013 4:00 AM

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