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Let’s All Count Our Blessings


Like the fellow said, “Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, that’s when they did.”

Imagine this, you’re driving to work on a Thursday morning. It’s dreary, the weather’s crappy, the Broncos aren’t playing until Sunday, it’s raining cats and dogs and the weekend can’t get here fast enough! Suddenly the road disappears from under you and your nice car has all four wheels in the air in a raging river that only last week was a docile little creek that could barely give a housefly a drink! Panic takes over as you’re soon followed by two more morning commuters crashing into the swollen creek and a million thoughts careen through your brain as you’re left hanging upside down in your seat belt wondering how close you are to dying!

The scenario just described is my own idea of what something like that must feel like. It has never happened to me and I hope it never does, but I also hope that if I ever am that unfortunate, the people I want rescuing me would be those same guys who pulled that gentleman from his upside down car the other day. That was courageous, masterful work and we owe them a huge THANK YOU for putting their lives on the line to save ours!

The next most obvious point something like that brings out is just how lucky many of us are and just how thankful we all should be to live the relatively problem free lives many of us get to enjoy! Sure, there’s always rough spots in the road but we’re able to get around them and maybe, just maybe, live to fight another day. Not so lucky are thousands upon thousands of our friends and neighbors who woke up the other morning to the sound of that little stream that used to be a couple of hundred yards from their nice new house. It is now a raging torrent coming right through their garage!

I’ve only physically been through one other flood in my life. That was back in Montana in the mid 60’s. I was in awe of nature then and that hasn’t changed. It’s truly amazing and takes your breath away when you see the muscle that nature can muster with plain old water. To see huge bridges torn from their moorings and sections of railroad track bent like hairpins makes a man really understand the meaning of the word “puny” when he looks at his reflection in the bathroom mirror! Hundreds of miles of streets and roads in need of replacement. Dozens of bridges that are out. Whole municipalities that will need to be rebuilt or relocated. Thousands of homes either damaged or demolished and thousands upon thousands of lives forever changed.

What can we do? Well, quite a lot really. Number one, we can stay the hell out of the way and let FEMA get in there with it’s money, muscle and manpower to do it’s job! This is one of those times when all those tax dollars you spend should get spent right back on you! I imagine there will be one political faction or another screaming about “Big Government” waste, and the way the Rhodes Scholars in our congress seem determined to dive over another fiscal precipice in a few days, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t try to block appropriation funds for the rebuild of this mess! We’ll have to see.

We can also find dozens if not hundreds of ways to raise and donate money to the cause and if that wont work, roll up our sleeves, donate a little time and muscle and HELP! Last but not least, we can get down on our knees and thank our maker that our sorry souls were saved one more time and we were kept real close so we could get a firsthand look at who and what is really in charge! Today, as I walked across the parking lot to go into work, I could feel the warmth of my old friend the sun on my back, and realized that for me, this crisis was over. Now, we just have to figure out a way to help all those many, many people who haven’t been quite so lucky!

As usual, send me your critiques and comments. If they’re usable, you bet I will!

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 9/18/2013 2:11 AM


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