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cardThis weekend thankfully, I was able to witness an event that made me very happy. I got to celebrate another birthday! Along with that, I got to celebrate birthdays with a couple of my current and life long heroes as well.

Number one on this list would have to be a man who I would think should be on everyone’s hero list simply by virtue of his ability to show class and dignity even as he has endured the wrath and scorn of a certain percentage of those he presides over. That, of course, would be President Barack Obama. Putting presidential performance aside, I constantly have to ask myself if I have ever known another person who has the character and aplomb to endure the slights, slurs and insults about who you are and where you came from that President Obama has shown. Sadly, the answer is no, even though there’s been a few of them that I feel could certainly use a manners lesson or two! One might think that our vacationing congress with their stellar 8% approval ratings still acting like recalcitrant children might look to the President’s example for a direction to follow but apparently that’s not the case. So…..you go Mr. President…..Happy Birthday and everything that goes with it!

Another idol of mine is a person whose birthday comes just one day before mine. This would be a man who has been my hero most of my musical life. His name is Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong and I’ve followed Satchmo almost since the first time I ever heard him sing and play his horn. In the many many, years I’ve been privileged to listen to, or play, or just generally enjoy music, only a very few have been able, and unafraid to, put their personal stamp on a song like Louis Armstrong. His music had a sound and a feel all its own and his heart and soul had a joy that made an impression on me that never died away. For that, he will always be one of my lifetime musical heroes!

I still remember when I was a little kid, my Dad and his buddies talking about how certain hoedown fiddle players put their “stamp” on certain tunes and how those tunes made you feel. Today, those words still weigh heavy in my mind when I hear someone or something musical that pulls at my heart strings in a way that I know wont be leaving anytime soon. I still remember the first time I ever heard Les Paul play “Little Rock Getaway” or where I was the first time I ever heard Johnny Smith play “Moonlight in Vermont.” For that matter, I guess I’ll always have memories of Carl Perkins doing “Blue Suede Shoes” or Chuck Berry’s guitar solo on “Johnny B Goode.”

For the life of me, I’ll never understand what caused someone to combine some wood, wire and magnets and manage to create a little bit of magic and something of a revolution in the music business like the guy who invented the electric guitar. In all honesty, I really don’t care, I just know I’m grateful that it happened, and I just want to sit there, let it fill me to the top and enjoy it!

Tomorrow I get to start a new career. I’ve taken the classes and written the exams, and now it’s my first orientation toward the internship that hopefully leads down the path to becoming a Certified Music Practitioner. Being a CMP will eventually (I hope) allow me to play healing music for people in hospital settings. Putting music in their hearts and maybe, helping them recover from an illness or surgery just a little easier and quicker. From William “Count” Basie to Willie Nelson and from Beethoven to the Beatles. I’ll get to watch, observe, do everything I can to help, and pray that it does! Wish me luck!

As usual send me your critiques and comments and I’ll use them if I can.

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 8/7/2013 4:56 AM


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