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Is it Time Yet?

indexHempThis week, some interesting things are taking place across our countryside. The Republican CPAC popularity contest has been held with the consensus winner being the one that hollered the loudest and the rest of the field is kind of a u-pic-em affair with each new candidate trying to out anti-Obama the previous speaker.

One thing is for sure. There was enough hot air coming off the stage at some points to heat most of the government buildings in the USA and most of Canada but that’s about it. Hot air and not much else. It makes you think of the old story about the little old lady who stalled her car in an intersection and couldn’t get it started. The man in the car behind her leaned on his horn without stopping until finally she got out of her car, walked back to his and politely said, “Sir, if you’ll go up and try to start my car for me, I’ll gladly sit back here and honk the horn for you!”

In frustration I flipped the TV channel from the political “Gong Show” and managed to catch Dr. Sonjay Gupta announcing a special he is going to have on Tuesday the 11th where he debates the whole idea of whether or not Marijuana is particularly addictive or is being mislabeled by being called a “gateway” drug. He then extolls the virtues of some forms of medical marijuana being the last and only hope for people with children who have medical seizure problems. I certainly have no disagreement with Gupta on his theories about marijuana being non addictive or it’s commercial future because of it’s curative properties for kids with seizure-like problems. I’d be willing to place a small wager that the “Reefer Madness” crowd would like to be dancing on his grave right now though!
542237101513649211410071767857415nWhether you agree with him or not, here is a man who is willing to stand against current social thinking that has been the political theory du jour for years. He believes in his cause, is willing to put in the work, bend his back and offer up his opinion for the rest of the world to hear, digest and judge. You’re certainly free to agree or disagree, but at least he is one man who has dedicated the time and energy and offered his findings for critical review. That’s a lot more than the current crop of politicians are doing! Which brings up another point, do we really need politicians?

The trumpet player in the picture on the left is a hero of mine. Anyone who has seen one of my programs at a Retirement Community locally, knows I always offer him up as my hero for many good reasons that are as simple as they are obvious. Satchmo didn’t need a college pedigree to have an opinion about marijuana. He just did. As a man, he might have broken or bent plenty of social rules at one time or another but he didn’t hurt people and he used his God given talent and common sense to help whenever he could. He was offering his opinion about marijuana years ago just as Sonjay Gupta is now. I sincerely hope that somehow, this time around, some folks will allow the message to sink in.

At the other end of the cannabis spectrum can we spend just a moment thinking about a simple solution to our current skyrocketing fuel prices and what it currently costs just to drive a car? Everywhere you look, controversy exists over oil drilling, fracking, pipelines, pollution, and a myriad of other problems caused by extracting depleting fossil fuels from the earth when a viable solution in the form of a simple hardy plant sits under our noses ready and willing to go to work!?

Not only that, it’s an opportunity to reduce unemployment at the same time we’re cleaning up our air while harvesting and processing a renewable fuel that doesn’t make our earth look like a pin cushion! Last but not least, I believe the final coup de gras to this would be to delegalize politicians and lobbyists at the same time we’re legalizing Hemp and I believe this old world would be a much cleaner, happier, place to live!

Can I get an Amen?

As usual, send me your comments and critiques. I’ll read them all and use them if I can.

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 3/12/2014 5:27 AM


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