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Is It Time To Let The Ladies Take Over??…




I’ve never been all that interested in politics. Actually, C, F and G7 have always held my curiosity much more than being some doofus standing in front of a TV camera with nothing more important to do than listen to the sound of his own voice! It’s just become more apparent to me, that as bad as the male species has botched the daily operation of our country, it’s time to step aside and let those who are much better qualified at the art of negotiating and taking care of business, take over the wheel and stop this bus from going over the cliff! Having said all that, I’m going to jump in and announce my picks for the 2016 Presidential Election! That would be the two ladies shown above.

We’re long overdue for a new direction in delineating the qualifications for those we choose to run our country. We need people who are trained and skilled in the art of negotiating, compromise and diplomacy which is something most men don’t seem to be able to grasp, and ladies have been doing all their lives. In that category alone, Hillary Clinton as President has earned her stripes. Over the past years she has traveled endlessly to every region of the globe, dealing with awkward conditions and locking horns with some of the most difficult leaders this world has ever known. In my opinion, when it comes to diplomacy, she has no peers, and that sends her directly to the top of the list.

My VP pick goes like this. I’m of the belief that Elizabeth Warren could perform her duties as Vice President in a manner unmatched by any man I’ve seen in that capacity. She’s direct and to the point and has a mental toughness that would bring a breath of fresh air to any Vice Presidency! She’s totally unphased by political double speak, a practiced diplomat, smart as a whip, with a no BS attitude about slick banking and big business procedures that’s long, long, overdue.

If you’re going to rethink President and VP slots, then you have to continue on down the list. Let’s face it, even being speaker of the house requires a lot more political savvy than a lifetime supply of nifty ties and tan-in-a-can! At the present time, I don’t believe John Boehner could negotiate his way out of a spaghetti fight with a two year old! His public speaking expertise seems to consist of standing in front of a TV camera just long enough to throw out a one liner bomb and then get out of there before anyone has a chance to answer!

I could go on endlessly through the list but don’t you think the point where the buck ultimately stops is with the voters? That’s us folks!

We must become more selective and begin looking more closely at all public office candidates and any special interest groups they may have a relationship with. Here’s a for instance for you. If the wife in a family holds a high position in a political interest group like the Tea Party, does it make alarm bells go off in your head when you realize that her husband is a Supreme Court Justice? This isn’t an isolated case. Our present day political system has become riddled with this kind of cozy arrangement. Also, we’ve got to stop electing people to public office who might look the part but barely show enough mental acumen to know which end of the spoon to put in their mouth! It’s not enough just to say that this person is a slave to the whimsy of some special interest group who wants to bring down the White House simply because they can’t stand the occupants. The fact is, it’s up us to think smarter and vote smarter in order to stop these people before they ever get the chance to start those silly games!

This week’s debacle over Obamacare, the budget, the government shutdown, the debt ceiling, the sequester, and all the name calling, story twisting and outright lying for the TV cameras that’s gone along with it makes the battle of the Little Bighorn look like a taffy pull!

Those are my picks folks. I believe it’s time for a change!

As usual, please send me your critiques and comments. I’ll try to read them all and use them if I can.

Thanks again,
Posted by All Around Seniors at 10/16/2013 2:24 AM


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