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How Far We’ve Come, How Far We Haven’t …

On 11/22/2013, it seems as though every television network in the universe gave us a full treatment of, “Where were you the day Kennedy was killed? Immediately your mind goes to thoughts like, “how did we ever do something that primitive and barbaric 50 years ago and still manage to survive as a nation?”

The “then and now” possibilities and comparisons to today’s societal problems immediately start careening through your mind at light speed and you begin comparing today’s presidential problems to the problems another Democrat President was facing from his political enemies back in that day in a city that was soon to be called “The City of Hate.”

Dallas TX. back in those days as far as population size was concerned, was a city of approximately 450,000. That’s a very small shadow of it’s present day self. By comparison Denver then would be the size of present day Ft. Collins maybe huh? Texas was in the middle of it’s larger than life oil boom and while the Dallas/Ft. Worth area was a definite part of it, Houston and Midland/Odessa each had big stakes claims to the oil boom as well.

Looking back at all the hate and partisanship displayed by folks such as the John Birch society then and the Tea Party/ talk radio now, it would be quite easy to make a hate comparison and probably not be very far off except that we’re 50 years further down the road! Even by the wildest comparisons you’d think we would have grown a little and yet the more TV news you watch and talk radio you listen to, the more you have to believe that if we have, it hasn’t been much.

In case I paint too dark a picture here, let me point out that on Friday, in part of it’s nonstop Kennedy Assassination news broadcasting, the news commentator at noon on MSNBC was a lady of color named Tamron Hall who calls Texas home and I believe her statement was that she was a little girl attending a segregated school in the Dallas area near the time the assassination occured.

It struck me as unique that I could be sitting in my easy chair watching this lady who comes from a city that 50 years earlier was forcing her to attend a segregated school, sitting in the drivers seat of a national news network with a prime time one hour news show of her own. It also struck me as unique that on 11/22/13 besides a review of bygone events, she might also be doing present day “muslim birther” stories about our current President, voter restriction stories, government shutdown stories, women’s right to health care stories, and a whole stack of other wacko crap that you’d hope we would have been able to solve by now, but haven’t.

At last I come to the glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel. This may be a flight of fantasy on my part but it might also be the tiny, tiny glimmer of hope we need at the end of the story, to be a predictor of the future as well.

We all know that the ACA (Affordable Care Act) has been the butt of many jokes, has a pretty abominable image so far, and it isn’t likely to change any time soon. Yet, miracle of miracles, here’s a picture of house speaker, John Boehner the man who supposedly hates it, signing up for it! I don’t know if his insurance is paying for a lifetime supply of “Tan-in-a-Can or not! Should we send this picture to Ripley? I know it qualifies!

Now, I’m not in the advertising business but if ever there was a “gimme” in the ad game, this is it! It’s time for the Democratic party to dust the cobwebs off the checkbook and make an ad buy. Picture it, an ad picture with the Speaker on one side and a little kid with a tooth missing on the other saying “Obamacare, if it’s good enough for the Tan Man, it’s good enough for everybody!” Loosen up those imaginations folks, let your inner little kid run wild and I’ll bet you can almost instantly think of dozens of variations of this yourselves right? Don’t stay up too long tonight thinking about it, we’ve got work to do!

As usual, send me your comments and critiques. I’ll read them all and use them if I can.

Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving everybody!
Posted by All Around Seniors at 11/27/2013 5:39 AM


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