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Highland Trail Retirement


Denver Colorado (and the surrounding area) is growing, as they say, like a bad weed! It seems like only yesterday that 5085 W 136th Ave. Broomfield, was part of the prairie and having a community there was just a figment of someone’s imagination. Now, it’s a fancy suburb with houses and churches and schools and yes, even a shiny new retirement facility named Highland Trail!

Highland Trail is an “Independent Living” facility and part of the Holiday Retirement chain. When I counted, it had 130 mailboxes so I can only assume they have 130 residents or at least room for that many. It has the look and feel of “new” about it like the feel of a new car. You almost want to go around looking for new tires to kick! Everything is open and airy with a tall center atrium that all the wings wind away from. This wing is the dining room, that wing is the recreation area etc. etc. and on it goes. The popcorn machine is popping away with those delicious smells and your mouth waters when you say to yourself “well I’ll only just have one little bite!” Everything is light and airy and cheerful and has a warm, inviting feeling to it that says, “I’m going to enjoy myself here!”

Sometimes things are easier for the entertainers than others, and I could immediately see that today was going to be a snap. When I first arrived, folks were playing bingo in the recreation room and I could hear lots of laughter and conversation going on. That’s music to an entertainer’s ears! It’s always easy to go in and play for folks when they’re already in a good mood! It’s the other alternative you’d just as soon not think about!

My contact person at Highland Trail is a pretty young lady named Kaylee Pahl. She’s open and friendly and even though this is my first time there and I know she’s keeping an eye on me, we seemed to hit it off. That’s good because by the time we did a few singalongs and I got around to making everybody honorary Canadians, I could see her grinning at me across the room and I was pretty sure today was going to be a good day!

Days like this day are like living in a land of make believe and they go by far too quickly. You find yourself wishing they could all be this easy even though you know in your heart that’s not being very realistic. Still, I will have some pleasant memories to take with me, and some more great stories to tell when I get home. Thanks again folks, you made my day a pleasant place to be!

As usual, send me your comments and suggestions. If I can use them I certainly will.

Thanks again,

Posted by All Around Seniors at 5/8/2013 5:35 AM


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